Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge revealed at Six Invitational; Operator Details Here

At the Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational, Ubisoft announced the next content release; Operation Void Edge. Like other new content, Operation Void Edge adds two new Operators — an attacker and defender — and reworks an old map. This time, Oregon. In Operation Void Edge, the defender is Jordanian Operator Oryx and the attacker is the Dutch Operator Iana.

Oryx is a beast. He has the ability to crash through walls and knockdown enemies thanks to a special gadget that makes him sprint. His sprinting speed is faster than any other Operator in the game.

Knocking attackers to the ground during his sprint is a breeze and he can even knock down Montagne and other shield carrying Operators. No more hiding behind those pesky shields. That’s not all though. Oryx can smash through barricades and even unreinforced walls. Crashing through barricades is easy enough for Oryx but when he smashes through a wall, he takes some damage.

Oryx can even be knocked down if his health is too low when crashing through a wall. Not the best way to go out…

Operation Void Edge

Oryx’s dash ability uses charges and they take time to recharge. Players can use them all quickly or space them out to make them last. The charges reset to zero when you break through a wall too. So make sure you use them at the right time.

Gridlock and Nomad are able to interrupt Oryx with Trax Stingers Air Jabs. Oryx will also need a few seconds to recover his weapon after dashing. During a dash, Oryx is very loud and Ubisoft says that the ability is about speed and strength, not subtlety.

Finally, Oryx is able to jump up and grab onto the ledge of open hatches. When gripping a ledge, Oryx can peek at his surrounding and then choose to either drop-down or climb up. It’s not possible on roof hatches and hatches need to be broken open before he can jump up.

It’s a good thing he comes equipped with a SPAS-12 to make short work of hatches. You could also use his Bailiff sidearm to do the job. Oryx also carries an MP-5 and USP-40.

The best thing about his jumping ability is that it’s not tied to his dash charges so both abilities can be used together.

The attacker, Iana, comes equipped with her very own Hologram. And it is sure to shake up Rainbow Six Siege.

Her Gemini Replicator gadget creates a hologram that she controls. The hologram looks and moves like Iana and even comes with the same headgear, uniform and primary weapon skin.

The hologram can’t deal damage but it’s useful in other ways. The hologram can scout traps without triggering them and can mess with the enemies’ heads and make them think she’s actually nearby. The hologram is a useful way to bait the enemy team, forcing them to use resources and give away their position.

Iana’s hologram is also useful for forcing Smoke and Goyo into triggering gadgets at the wrong time.

While the hologram looks the part, one bullet is enough to send it packing. Electricity and Mute jammers will also force the hologram to dissipate. Maestro’s Evil Eye will zap the hologram and can tell that it’s not a real person since it gives off no body heat.

The hologram does have limitations. Shooting the hologram does not give away a location ping and the hologram can’t ping locations, scan enemies or see Vigil when he’s cloaked. The biggest downside though is that Iana can’t move when the hologram is active.

The hologram can be used as many times as it charges and will never run out of charges. The cooldown is longer when the hologram is destroyed rather than deactivated but if Iana stays out of harm’s way, her hologram could always be in play.

She comes equipped with an ARX-200, G36 C and Mk1 9mm.

In Operation Void Edge, the Oregon map has been extensively reworked. Watch the video above for all the details.

Additionally, Ubisoft has introduced some gameplay updates with Operation Void Edge. Barricade damage changes mean they’ll break more consistently and be less obstructive for players. Attacker’s drones will also spawn on the same side as the Attacker’s first spawn location choice.

Finally, the player hub has been revamped to improve navigation. The updates and changes to Oregon will be free for all players when Operation Void Edge launches.

Year 5 Pass owners will get Oryx and Iana at launch while everyone else can unlock them one week later using Renown or R6 Credits.

Operation Void Edge does not yet have a launch date. It will be live on the Test Server on February 17.

It will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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