What are the Bleeding Edge currencies and how do they work?

Bleeding Edge, the 4v4, PvP brawler from Ninja Theory takes plenty of cues from other similar games. For example, in Bleeding Edge, players can equip different cosmetic items — skins, hoverboards — as well as gameplay changing mods. Mods can be purchased with Mod Parts and cosmetics can be purchased with Credits.

Both are in-game currencies that are earnable through gameplay. Credits are awarded for completing matches and based on performance. Mods can be earned at the completion of a match or on levelling up a character.

These in-game currencies fuel Bleeding Edge’s meta economy and character modification so will be required as more players get involved.

Bleeding Edge Currencies

Credits, as mentioned above, are used to purchase cosmetic items. These include new Boards, Paint jobs, Stickers, Trails, Emotes and Skins. Cosmetic items range in price from 55 through to 50,000 credits.

The least expensive items are paint jobs for boards and stickers while the most expensive are board trails and boards. Though the most expensive board is only 4,000 credits and the trails go all the way up to 50,000.

Credits are earned simply by playing and completing matches in Bleeding Edge. You don’t ear a huge amount in each match however, so be prepared to grind if you want to unlock the most expensive stuff.

The second of the Bleeding Edge currencies are Mod Parts. Mod Parts are what you’ll need to unlock new Mods. Mods are Bleeding Edge’s way of customising your character’s gameplay.

Each character has three mods equipped by default and two other Mod Loadouts for you to set-up however you like. Mods come in eight flavours; Buff, Cooldown, Damage, Defense, Duration, Healing, Health, Range and Speed.

By applying different Mods you can change and alter each character’s stats. Considering the range of abilities the characters have and the stats associated with them, there’s a lot of room for customisation.

Mod Parts are earned by deconstructing Mods you don’t want or need. You earn 50 Mod Parts for each Mod you deconstruct. Each Mod costs 250 Mod Parts to purchase.

Bleeding Edge is exclusive to PC and Xbox One.

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