Kojima Productions is selling a bushfire relief T-shirt

I might not have been a fan of Death Stranding, but Kojima Productions latest idea is something I can definitely get behind. Kojima Productions is selling a special, limited-edition t-shirt to help raise funds for wildlife bushfire relief in Australia. All proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will be donated to the RSPCA in Australia and will be used to heal, rehabilitate and care for sick and injured wildlife and animals.

The t-shirt plays on the themes of connection in Death Stranding and includes the slogan “Connect for Australia.”

Additionally, fans are able to purchase a t-shirt and avatar bundle which will give them a PlayStation avatar with the same design as the t-shirt.

Kojima Productions Bushfire T-Shirt

The t-shirt itself costs $25 USD and the avatar gives you the option of donating $1, $5, $10, $25 or $50 USD. Shipping to Melbourne adds another $26 USD or so, so if you’re looking at purchasing this t-shirt, you’ll be spending about $78 AUD at the least.

However, it’s all for a good cause and with Australian wildlife in such bad shape and needing more help than ever, if you can spare it and you like the t-shirt, then why not splash out.

You can find the Kojima Productions Bushfire T-Shirt on the Kojima Productions website.

Kojima Productions is the latest video game company to organise to assist Australia with bushfire recovery. GamerAid raised money via streaming, World of Tanks raised money via a stream and silent auction, Bethesda sold a special t-shirt and teamed up with 2K for a charity stream and Bungie sold a special Destiny 2 t-shirt.

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