Modern Wolf is showcasing three games at PAX East

Modern Wolf has announced that it will be bringing three games to PAX East. The already announced Ostranauts and Necronator: Dead Wrong will be joined by one unannounced game that will make its debut at the show. Modern Wolf has announced that all three games will be playable and will be on-site in Boston from February 27-March 1.

We spoke to Modern Wolf last year and learned how the developer was combating toxic development, including crunch. Modern Wolf was founded by experienced developers who are now hoping to create new experiences without the negative aspects of design.

Head of Communications Lauran Carter told us;

We intend to change the way publishers and development studios work together, and to remove those negative aspects of game development—like crunch—to (hopefully) improve things for devs and players alike. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of how their games are made and any personal sacrifices developers make to get a game to launch.

Modern Wolf

Ostranauts is “a detailed simulation of owning and living aboard a spaceship, in a solar system where honest living is a slow death sentence. Set in the NEO Scavenger universe, where Earth has suffered a cataclysmic collapse, the rest of the System lives on in a state of capitalistic dystopia.”

Necronator: Dead Wrong is “A comedic micro RTS game with a deck-building twist, Necronator: Dead Wrong allows players to collect and deploy undead units and build an army to conquer the insufferable goody-two-shoes of the Livmor Alliance and restore Necronator to his former glory.”

If you’re heading to PAX East and want to take a look at these games, plus one unannounced one, head to booth 8022 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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