Crimson Days comes to Destiny 2 on February 12

Bungie has announced when the annual Crimson Days event will kick off in Destiny 2 for 2020. Beginning on February 12, Destiny 2’s Valentine’s event is free for all players and will include a Crucible activity — Crimson Doubles — and new loot. Old loot from previous Crimson Days events will also return, including emotes and sparrows.

Crimson Doubles is a 2v2 Crucible mode and players will be able to earn a Ghost Shell, ornament, emote and special pair of Sparrows that display an emblem when side-by-side.

Best of all, the fully Masterworked bow, The Vow, is able to be earned.

Crimson Days 2020

The lore for The Vow follows;

“‘Til death do us part.” —Lord Shaxx

In the courtyard of the Tower, Lord Shaxx stares out at the Last City. He puts his foot up on the railing and sighs.

Arcite 99-40 knows Shaxx’s moods, because they are his own moods. He sidles up to Shaxx and follows his gaze to the horizon.

“What’s on your mind, boss?” he asks with the friendly rhythm of a local bartender.

Shaxx is quiet for a long time, but Arcite is indifferent to the passage of time. When Shaxx speaks, it is with a deep, sobering gravity.

“Today,” he says. “I will marry them all.”

Hours later, after Arcite has finished tying off the bouquets and gathering the doves from the mountains beyond the City, Shaxx addresses the courtyard.

“Guardians,” he booms. “These Crimson Days are a time to renew our bonds to one another. We gather together. We remember what we owe each other. We declare our love.” He holds up a bow for the crowd to see. “Bring your fiery passion to the Crucible. Prove your devotion to your Bond.” He pauses. “To those of you who win this bow… I offer my hand in marriage! Take it or leave it!”

Arcite releases the doves. Someone screams. Doves have not been seen in the Last City for a long time.

To participate in Crimson Days, players must have escaped the Cosmodrome and unlocked the Tower and reached 790 Power. To begin Crimson Days, speak to Lord Shaxx in the Tower after the event commences on February 12.

Once Shaxx has been spoken to and players have acquired the Fire of the Crimson Days emblem, they can purchase Crimson Days bounties and rewards. Rewards are purchased by spending Confectionary Hearts.

These hearts are collected by completing bounties and playing matches of Crimson Days Doubles. The rewards available are;

  • Trastrella Shell
  • Undeterred Sparrow
  • The Vow
  • Dieselpunk Ornament
  • SVC-12 Sparrow
  • IVC-10 Sparrow
  • Flaunting Dance emote
  • Warmhearted Gift

Each reward can only be purchased once, except the Warmhearted Gift. They can be purchased as many times as you like and contain random items including Glimmer, weapons and armour.

A number of new Triumphs are available for Crimson Days 2020 too. Until the reset on February 19, 2020, players can earn the Triumphs but any that have not been completed will no longer be able to be completed.

Labor of Love

Complete Crimson Days Triumphs.

Heart’s Desire

Collect each of the Crimson Days rewards offered by Lord Shaxx.

I’m with You

Complete Crimson Days matches.

Love Conquers All

Win Crimson Days matches.


As a fireteam, defeat Guardians while they are affected by the “Reunited” buff. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.

Divide and Conquer

As a fireteam, defeat Guardians separated from their partner. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.


As a fireteam, defeat Guardians while they seek vengeance for their fallen ally. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.

Love Avenged

Earn Blood for Blood medals by avenging your fallen ally. May be completed only within the Crimson Days playlist.

Looking for Love

Complete Crimson Days bounties.

Two to Tango

Complete a Nightfall in a fireteam of two.

Bungie has advised that;

Triumphs for Crimson Days 2020 that have been unlocked but not claimed will become inaccessible after Crimson Days ends at the weekly reset on February 18, 2020. In order to players to ensure that they receive credit for these triumphs, they must claim them as soon as they are completed.

Destiny 2 is now available.

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