Team Immunity’s Vasili Varipatis on PUBG’s Red Bull Fight or Flight

Late last year, a special PUBG event was held in Sydney. Red Bull Fight or Flight, a unique game mode for PUBG, sees the safe zones shrink more quickly and deal more damage hosted its Grand Final at Carriageworks in Sydney. This followed the Live Qualifiers at PAX Aus 2019 which saw three amateur squads qualify to play in the Grand Final.

Team Immunity’s Red Bull Fight or Flight squad took the title at the Grand Final and we had a chance to chat to  Vasili Varipatis. Varipatis is Team Immunity’s Game Lead so he has a unique perspective on PUBG and Red Bull Fight or Flight.

Billed as the Twenty20 Cricket of esports, PUBG’s Red Bull Fight or Flight is designed to be a faster, more exciting and more engaging game for viewers and players.

After winning the “chicken dinner” with Team Immunity we spoke to him about the game, the tournament and about Red Bull Fight or Flight.

Red Bull Fight or Flight

PowerUp! – How does this mode differ from standard PUBG and how does it force you to play differently?

Varipatis – Red Bull Fight or Flight differs from normal PUBG in three main ways.

  1. The first circle appears on the plane
  2. There is less time between circles and increased damage from the blue zone
  3. More loot (weapons/armour etc)

Varipatis – These settings increase the speed that the game is played, resulting in more action, faster games and fun experience. With the first circle appearing while you’re in the plane, this also leads to an added strategy of trying to work out where to land, based on the circle, instead of having predetermined loot spots.

PU! – There’s been talk of Red Bull Fight or Flight being the Big Bash League of esports.

What does this mean to you and how accurate is it?

Varipatis – With the games being so fast and action-packed, the game can be easily compared to something like the Big Bash in cricket.

The settings also make the games quicker which results in more games played in the same amount of time, allowing for smaller breaks and fun experience for the viewers.

PU! – What was the experience of Red Bull Fight of Flight like in Sydney? How was the atmosphere? Were you confident?

Varipatis – Red Bull Fight or Flight was actually a pretty fun tournament. The stage and setup have to be the best one I have seen in Australia all year, and playing on these settings was a breath of fresh air after only playing on normal competitive settings for such a large period of time.

We were definitely confident coming into Red Bull Fight or Flight knowing we were probably the strongest team participating in the event.

PU! – How does playing in an event like this compare with playing online or in other parts of the world?

Varipatis – Playing at events like this is definitely different than playing online in the sense that there is usually a lot more pressure, especially for players that have not participated in many events. Things like lights, crowds, flames and other FX can be distracting, but after being a part of multiple tournaments all over the world the team and I have definitely moved past this stage and just enjoy the experience for what it is.

PU! – What is your role in the team and specifically in Red Bull Fight or Flight?

Varipatis – My specific role in my team and at Red Bull Fight or Flight is In-Game Leader, often referred to as the IGL.

The IGL is the player who calls the plays and dictates the main strategy that the team will follow in each game.

Everyone gathers information and communicates it to help the IGL make the best possible calls with the information at hand.

Other roles include things such as Fragger, Entry-Fragger, Scout and Support.

Do you think Red Bull Fight or Flight and regular PUBG esports can co-exist?

They can for sure! Red Bull Fight or Flight gives something fresh for pros and amateurs to do, which is nice.

Is Red Bull Fight or Flight something beginners could pick up and play?

Varipatis – Yes, I don’t feel like your level of knowledge in the game will impact how much you can enjoy this game style. It forces everyone to change their regular strategies and go-to’s, so it’s fun for beginners and pros alike.

Given the success of PUBG and the Red Bull Fight or Flight tournament here in Australia, it’s likely that we’ll see the mode and tournament return in 2020.

After winning the tournament, Team Immunity was given an all-expenses-paid trip to California to the PUBG Global Championships amongst other prizes. And even though a pro team won the inaugural Red Bull Fight or Flight Grand Final, it was the biggest amateur esports tournament in Australia.

A 2020 season has not yet been announced, but stay tuned as we think it won’t be far off.

Thanks to Vasili Varipatis for his time.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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