What are the Challenges in Disintegration?

In Disintegration’s multiplayer mode, players are presented with a range of challenges. Completing these challenges unlocks challenge points and cosmetics. Challenge points can be used to unlock other cosmetics too. The system is designed to give players a meta-game to chase while enjoying the multiplayer modes.

Challenges are split into a number of categories; Player, Crew and Seasonal. The things required of players, so far, to complete the challenges aren’t too difficult. Though I imagine in the future, V1 Interactive will add some tough ones for the hardcore to chase.

Disintegration’s challenges are also designed to encourage players to play with a variety of crews and to play different modes.

Disintegration Challenges

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You can see in the gallery above that the crew challenges simply require players to play as a specific crew for an hour. In doing so, they unlock 10 challenge points which can be used to unlock a new banner for that crew, emote, attachment or badge.

Seasonal Challenges require players to win multiple rounds of the different types of multiplayer mode.

As Disintegration launches and more players join in, expect more challenges to be added.

Disintegration launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.

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