It looks like Disintegration will include microtransactions

While we learnt that DOOM Eternal won’t include microtransactions this week, we can’t say the same for upcoming shooter Disintegration. The game’s closed beta is now live and gives players access to two multiplayer modes and two maps. It also lets players explore the multiplayer menu and customise their characters and teams.

Customisation items include badges, banners, skins and attachments for your Gravcycle. In the beta, many of these items are unlocked already and others can be unlocked by completing challenges.

However, others are unlocked by spending in-game credits. When you first play the beta, you begin with 2,500 credits. It appears as though some challenges grant you additional credits, though it doesn’t look as though you earn them just from playing matches.

The inclusion of in-game credits is usually a sure sign that microtransactions will be included. In Disintegration’s case, there’s one more clue.

Disintegration Microtransactions

Right there on the multiplayer screen is a menu item for ‘Store.’ It’s greyed out in the beta and inaccessible but I’ll take an educated guess and suggest that the store is where you’ll be able to spend real money on credits.

At the moment, the only things you can spend credits on are cosmetics and there’s no evidence that that will change. However, given the nature of the game’s multiplayer and the use of crews, which are each themed, it stands to reason that players will be able to purchase additional crews from the store as well.

For now, as we can’t access the store, we’re only speculating but it seems like a pretty safe bet.

Disintegration will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.

The closed technical beta will take place on January 28 and January 29, 2020.

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