There’s still time to enter January’s Call of Duty PS Plus Plays competition

This year, PlayStation kicked things off with its PS Plus Plays competition. Each month, players will be challenged to play specific games and perform certain actions. The best ones will win some great prizes. For January, PlayStation has challenged players to “Show us your most effective killstreak deployment” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Even though January is nearly over, there’s still time to get your entry in.

To enter the PS Plus Plays competition, players simply need to capture footage of their best killstreak deployment in Modern Warfare, upload it to Twitter and use the hashtag #PSPlusPlays.

For more info check out the video for January’s competition below.

PS Plus Plays

The fun doesn’t end when January does though. PlayStation has already announced the games for February and March too. In February, players will be challenged to play and perform in FIFA 20.

For March, PlayStation will ask players to play Rainbow Six Siege. While we don’t yet know what the competitions will be for the upcoming months, you can bet it will require you to show off your skills.

The winners of January’s competition will be rewarded with Limited-edition Modern Warfare night vision goggles. Everyone who enters the PS Plus Plays competition will go into the draw to win the major prize; the ultimate PAX AUS 2020 weekend for them and their friends.

You’ve only got a few more days to go, so get playing and capturing those killstreaks.

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