Zombie Army 4 includes nine campaign levels and four Horde levels at launch

Rebellion’s Zombie Army 4: Dead War is coming out in a couple of weeks. Given that it’s so close, you might be wondering how much game you’ll be getting for your hard-earned dollars. Not to worry. We spoke with Rebellion’s Senior Systems Designer Vicky Boyce who gave us the skinny on what we can expect from Zombie Army 4 when it launches in February.

From our hands-on, we know that Zombie Army 4 includes a campaign and a Horde mode. The campaign follows on from Zombie Army Trilogy and is set in 1946 after Zombie Hitler has been sent to hell.

Horde mode is the standard, classic mode that sees players facing off against ever-increasing waves of enemies.

Zombie Army 4

When it comes to the campaign mode, Zombie Army 4 follows a similar formula to Left 4 Dead. Levels have chapters that begin and end when players make it to a safe room. Each level is split into a number of chapters too.

All up, at launch, Zombie Army 4 will include nine levels. Each of these will be split into a number of chapters, though we’re not sure on just how many chapters there will be in each level.

According to Boyce, levels will typically have four chapters but it will vary.

For Horde mode, there will be four levels at launch. Horde mode levels start out small and gradually expand as you survive. The longer you survive, the more areas of the Horde level you’ll be able to access and the more enemies you’ll be forced to fight.

During my hands-on session, I played through two levels and one horde round and the session lasted about 3 hours. With nine levels, multiple chapters and four horde levels, Zombie Army 4 is definitely going to keep you busy.

Zombie Army 4 launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 4, 2020.

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