The British are Coming…to World of Warships

Well, the British are already in World of Warships, but today the Royal Navy has expanded to include brand-new heavy cruisers. These new ships enter World of Warships as part of the special British Cruisers event. This event also adds British Tokens, new Directives and Random Bundles. The event and new items join World of Warships as part of update 0.9.0.

The British Heavy Cruisers aren’t the only ones enjoying some time in the spotlight in World of Warships either. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, a range of Pan-Asian ships will be rolling out across the new season of Clan Battles. These ships will be added during later stages of the update cycle.

The four new British heavy cruisers are all unlockable now, through the British Cruisers event.

World of Warships British Cruisers

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Unlocking the four heavy cruisers in Tiers V-VIII is accomplished by spending British Tokens. This new currency is only temporary and by spending it, players will unlock random bundles in the Armory.

The four new ships players can unlock are the “Hawkins (Tier V), Devonshire (Tier VI), Surrey (Tier VII), Albemarle (Tier VIII) and come equipped with the regal Victorian White permanent camouflage.” According to Wargaming, these new ships;

come with considerable amount of firepower which they utilise best at medium ranges. Also equipped with torpedoes, the cruisers’ survivability is considerable thanks to its strong armour distribution and effective Repair party. The British tokens may be obtained from Daily shipments or for completing Daily Missions and the four new Directives.

When the Lunar New Year event goes live, it will feature a theme based on the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

Patch 0.9.0 is live today and the four new British heavy cruisers are available to unlock now.

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