Celebrate Xmas with Destiny 2 and The Dawning

Destiny’s yearly Xmas celebration, The Dawning, will return for 2019 starting on December 18. Running for a month, The Dawning is a free event for all Destiny 2 players and sees “brave Guardians spread cheer (and cookie crumbs) throughout the solar system while keeping the Darkness at bay.”

In The Dawning 2019, Eva Levante is back in the Tower with new cookie recipes for Guardians to bake. Players will need to fight enemies and collect ingredients to bake the cookies which Bungie is calling “the tastiest treats the Tower has ever seen.”

The Dawning 2019 also sees brand-new items and cosmetics including a ship, Sparrow and weapons.

The Dawning 2019

Cold Front is a special sub-machine gun exclusive to The Dawning 2019 and comes with the Osmosis Perk.

Sweep in like a force of nature. Leave destruction in your wake.


Using your grenade ability changes this weapon’s damage type to match your subclass until you stow it.

Unlocking the Cold Front is as easy as completing recipes and bounties for Eva. You’ll have to grind them out if you’re looking for that perfect roll. Even better, if you didn’t get the perfect roll on the Avalanche Machine Gun from last year’s Dawning, then you’ll be able to try again this yea.

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While grinding out your recipes and bounties you’ll be earning Bright Dust to unlock Eververse Items. There is one Silver only item for The Dawning; The Perfect 10 Finisher.

Bungie has announced that all of the cookie recipes from last year will return in addition to new ingredients and recipes. The baking process has also been improved and now, for each batch you deliver, you’ll gain progress towards bounties.

The Dawning 2019 will commence December 18 and will finish up on January 15.

Destiny 2 is available now.

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