Gamer Aid is rallying gamers to raise funds for bushfire affected Aussies

Gamer Aid Australia, founded by Aiden “Ayekay” Hiko and Joshua “Swifty” Swift, is raising money to help those affected by bushfires. Hiko and Swift, both fixtures of the Australian esports community, founded Gamer Aid Australia in a bid to help those suffering at home. Hiko said of the creation of Gamer Aid Australia;

I’ve seen so many charity initiatives around the world that focus on relevant issues happening in that country, I simply saw this as our opportunity to get behind our fellow Australians and show the country we are more than just kids behind computer screens

The group’s motto is, “Online, we have many homes. Offline, we have just one” and it’s one that certainly speaks volumes about the intent and way the gaming community can mobilise and come together.

Gamer Aid Australia

Within 48 hours of launching, Gamer Aid Australia had raised $4,000 AUD for the NSW and QLD Fire Appeal. As of Friday, November 15, more than $10,000 AUD had been raised.

Funda are being raised through game streams with a CS:GO show match featuring Mitch Robinson of the Chiefs Esports Club and Brisbane Lions Football Club and Adelaide Crows COO Nigel Smart kicking off fundraising. The stream reached 6,000 unique viewers and was pushed to the front page of Twitch across Australia.

During the two hour broadcast, $680 was raised.

The next fundraising stream is being organised in cooperation with The OCEScene. Together, they’re hosting a mammoth PUBG tournament on November 23, 2019, at 1 pm AEDT. The event is going to feature five games with high loot and faster zones.

However, it’s also going to have eight-man squads!

Gamer Aid Australia and The OCEScene are guaranteeing mayhem, chaos and hilarity. Additionally, the captains of the teams will be well-known and popular streamers.

The captains are being gradually announced in the lead-up to the event, but so far those announced are;

More captains will be announced and there are some big names in there. Trust me, I’ve seen the list! The stream will also feature some great casting talent from Goreway.

There are also tonnes of prizes up for grabs during the stream from AMD, AOC Gaming, Blue Microphones, Seagate, NYE In The Park and Xtrfy. The prizes are tied to donation goals so when the stream reaches a goal, prizes will be given out.

To get involved, head to The OCEScene Discord. Teams were being fielded by anyone interested, however, all spots are currently filled. There are over 80 players competing with more sitting on a waitlist. Anyone interested can still head to the Discord and see how they can get involved.

100% of funds donated to Gamer Aid Australia (via GoFundMe) will be given to the Salvation Army to help those in need of assistance. Hiko said, “If we can provide relief, and maybe a bit of entertainment to distract even slightly from the horrors they are going through, it is well worth it for me.”

Swift added, “All funds will go to help rebuild people’s homes and lives that have been most displaced by the fires ravaging our country at the moment.”

Gamer Aid Australia has received incredible and immense support from gaming companies including Logitech, Astro Gaming, Blue Microphone, AK Racing, Legion Energy, Spawn Point Bar, and more.

“The support we have received so far has been overwhelming,” said Hiko. “Ideally, we would have nothing we need to raise funds for again, but that is a dream. Long term we aim to support and facilitate these types of events as needed for families in need.” While Swift praised Aussie gamers;

The Australian gaming community is full of passionate and tight communities, and we want them to use their reach, big or small, to help those who need it most

Anyone who wants to get involved can donate via the GoFundMe, by adding #GamerAid2019 to social posts or by visiting the Gamer Aid Australia website.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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