MapleStory Glory Update launching November 20

Launching this week, November 20, the MapleStory Glory Update is bringing some big stuff to the popular MMORPG. To celebrate victory over the Black Mage, the Glory Update introduces a new storyline, event, missions and thief class character. The new storyline explores the events after the defeat of the Black Mage and the return of Maple World to safety.

When the update launches on November 20, players will be able to join the Glory Event that runs until January 28, 2020. During the event, players receive Glory, special supply boxes and rise through the ranks of the Maple Alliance’s Glory Guard.

Nexon America is also making some changes to MapleStory to improve the quality of the game overall. This includes a reduction in the amount of experience required to level up.

MapleStory Glory Update

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With the update in place, the experience required to level up from 220-234 has been reduced by 25%. The update also balances MapleStory including fifth job skills.

Coming on December 4, 2019, as part of this update is Hoyoung, a new Anima thief class.

Originally from a temple in the mountains of Grandis, Hoyoung finds himself traveling the lands of Maple World to reseal the monsters he accidentally unleashed after unlocking the ancient seal.

Hoyoung uses a Ritual Fan and Fan Tassel in addition to skills and abilities in battle. According to Nexon;

Hoyoung is determined to undo his mistake by resealing the monsters he let out, with the help of Taotie, one of the four perils.

On November 20, the following events will be available;

  • Glory Pre-Registration – Players who join the Glory Guard by December 3, will receive VIP Royal Hair and Face Coupon rewards.
  • Tera Burning – Maplers who make new Tera Burning characters gain two extra levels per level-up until they reach 200! 
  • Extreme Breakthrough Event – Players who level up new characters from 201 to 220 will receive various rewards and access to missions with special items, including the Extreme Breakthrough Damage Skin.

More information about Glory Strengthened Alliances can be found on the official website.

MapleStory is free-to-play and is available on PC.

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