Meet the cast of playable characters in Zombie Army 4

Rebellion is going all out on Zombie Army 4 and giving players four characters to wage war on the undead with. As the game includes drop-in/drop-out co-op across the entire campaign, the Zombie Army 4 characters can be chosen as players like. Rebellion has included Sniper Elite’s leading man Karl Fairburne and Zombie Army Trilogy alumnus Boris.

In addition to these two veteran characters, two new characters, Jun and Shola have been added. Together, these four are the best hope Europe has for sending Hitler back to hell where he belongs.

It’s Left 4 Dead meets Sniper Elite.

Zombie Army 4 Characters

Karl is the sniper of the group and is experienced with warfare and killing Hitler given that he’s done it before. He’s not just a sniper in Zombie Army 4 though and as a veteran, he’s proficient in all sorts of firearms.

He also comes equipped with a melee weapon that can be used to perform a takedown on zombies. Karl, like all the characters in Zombie Army 4 has special abilities and perks that can be equipped and upgraded as well as a signature ultimate ability.

Boris, the second returning character from Zombie Army Trilogy is ‘The Prisoner.’ A former Russian Infantryman, Boris is a brutal, melee-focused character, though he also uses firearms to deal with the undead.

Boris has a real love for the apocalypse as it gives him an excuse to go around cracking skulls and killing the undead. Like Karl, Boris has his own perks and weapons and can also use an electrified punch to deal extra damage to zombies.

Jun, ‘The Volunteer’ is a new playable character in Zombie Army 4. A former diplomat, Jun is known as a selfless team-player and wants nothing more than to send the undead back to hell.

Not a great deal is known about Jun and her playstyle as yet. Hopefully, Rebellion will reveal more details soon.

Finally, we have Shola. A skilled engineer, Shola is a rebel with a penchant for murdering zombies. Like Jun, Shola is a bit of a mystery for now but again, hopefully, we get some more information about her soon.

Rebellion has confirmed that in Zombie Army 4, unlike in Trilogy, characters, perks and weapons have “progression and update paths.” By picking up weapon upgrade kits and using workbenches located in the saferooms, players can upgrade their weapons.

As for perks and characters, the way upgrades work hasn’t been revealed, though it’s likely going to be similar. When players upgrade their characters and perks, Rebellion has shown that they can target more enemies during special abilities and rip the legs off of mounted machine guns and carry them around.

Stay tuned for more on Zombie Army 4.

It will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 4, 2020.

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