APAC Team Ultimate Feast finished 3rd at the Blitz Twister Cup

APAC Team Ultimate Feast competed in the Blitz Twister Cup over the weekend in Belarus. Captained by Aussie Kam Kwo Wong from Canberra, Ultimate Feast competed in the Blitz Twister Cup for the second time in 2019. In 2018, the team placed sixth but topped that this year by finishing third and winning $10,000 USD. 7STAR from the CIS region walked away with the grand prize and $50,000 USD.

We had the chance to speak to Captain Kam about the event and about Ultimate Feast’s Success. Read on for the interview.

You can watch the full stream of the event below.

Blitz Twister Cup 2019

PowerUp! – What did you learn from Last Year’s event?

Kam Kwo Wong – We learnt more about how other server meta works and we were able to grab those elements and bring them into our gameplay, so this year we were able to bring our gameplay to another level compared to before.

PU! – What have you done to prepare for this year’s event?

KKW – This year we are able to prepare better for the event because we know we are able to fight our fullest and go to Minsk already. So this year we were able to arrange a lot more training and prepare ourselves better both physically and mentally.

PU! – Do you feel differently now that you’ve experienced this event already?

KKW – Definitely. I think last year our team was less prepared since the wins at the final stage were very unexpected. This year we all know we have the ability to win all the way to our ticket to Minsk, so we were very prepared for this.

PU! – What makes WoT Blitz your preferred game over WoT PC or Mercenaries?

KKWWoT Blitz is a mobile game, so it means that the game is a lot more fast-paced and adrenaline-filled games. It also means that you can bring your device everywhere and able to fire up the game and play on it wherever you want. I liked this feature of this game over PC and Mercenaries.

PU! – What changes has the team undergone in 2019?

KKW – Our team has expanded a lot since Twister Cup 2018. We have started to reference the games that are played by other regions as Twister Cup 2018 made us realise that our meta and strats are behind all other regions.

PU! – Who is the biggest competitor for you at this year’s event?

KKW – Everyone is very strong. But our biggest competitor is 7STAR. They are the scariest team out of all six teams in Twister Cup 2019

PU! – What will you do with the prize money?

KKW – That’ll be a secret – but mostly into improving my life and paying my school fees since I’m still studying as a university student.

PU! – Do you think Australian gamers are able to compete at such levels or do we have a disadvantage?

KKW – I honestly believe that anyone can compete at high levels as long as they put in commitment and time into constantly improving themselves. It’s not about talents at all. It’s about not giving up on what you are doing and open your mind to stuff that can help you improve.

Congratulations to Kam and the Ultimate Feast Team. Thanks to Kam for his time.

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