Rainbow Six Operation Shifting Tides – New Attacker Kali

Kali is the new attacker included in Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shifting Tides expansion. The head of an Indian Private Military Company, Kali is the first operator in Siege’s history to come equipped with a bolt-action Sniper Rifle; the CSRX 300.

Kali is being billed as an alternative to Thatcher thanks to her LV Explosive Lance and its breaching abilities. She’s also an anchor despite being a sniper and she certainly packs a punch.

Kali is a two speed, two armour operator with confidence and history of wealth and privilege.

Shifting Tides Kali

Kali’s name is Jalmini Kalimohan Shah, she’s 34 years old and was born in India. Kali’s CSRX 300 packs an insane punch.

Obviously, a headshot is an instant kill but a body shot means an instant down. It’s able to “obliterate wooden barricades and unreinforced hatches” and it has a variable 5x and 12x scope.

When Kali downs an enemy with the CSRX 300, they’ll spin to face the direction of the shot. This helps provide some more intel for their team. The CSRX 300, while deadly, can’t penetrate reinforced walls or hatches, however, Kali’s gadget can help her get past these hurdles.

Kali can be equipped with the C-75 AUTO or P226 MK-25 and can bring a Breaching Charge or Claymore into battle. She has great utility and while you can’t swap out her sniper rifle, you really won’t want to. It’s like her secondary gadget and is much of the reason why you’d play as Kali.

She will be available when Operation Shifting Tides launches.

Leo Stevenson attended an Operation Shifting Tides event as a guest of Ubisoft. Travel costs were provided by Ubisoft.

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