Endling is a heartbreaking look at the toll humanity has taken on the Earth’s animals

According to a study published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature about 27% of animal species on Earth are threatened by extinction. That’s 28,000 animal species that are in danger due to pollution, hunting and loss of habitat. Animals on this list include rhinos, lions, tigers, seals and bears.

Developer Herobeat Games wants players to imagine that humans have wrought so much destruction on the Earth that even foxes have been brought to the brink of extinction.

That’s the premise for Endling.

In Endling, you play as a mother fox, the last on Earth, who has three young kits. She’ll have to guide them through a ravaged and dystopian environment in order to reach the last safe haven there is.


A 3D side-scroller, Endling sees players having to avoid hunters, find and gather food for the baby foxes and try to survive in a very dangerous world.

Throughout the game, the baby foxes slowly grow and learn skills that help the family survive. What Herobeat is attempting to do with Endling is to raise awareness about conservation and climate change issues and create a compelling gameplay experience.

In Endling players will;

  • Explore devastated environments based on real current issues.
  • Hunt other animals to feed your cubs and avoid becoming the prey.
  • Put your survival instinct to the test and get involved in emotionally taxing decisions.
  • Bring your pups to the last safe haven where humans cannot harm them.
  • Care for your cubs, feed them, and teach them new skills to make them less vulnerable.
  • Survive!

Endling will be released on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One in 2021.

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