Audio and accessory brands Stealth and 4Gamers make a push into Australia, new products available now

ABP Technology, manufacturer and distributor of both Stealth and 4Gamers‘ audio and accessories, has announced an expansion into the Australian market. While Stealth and 4Gamers products can already be found in Australia, this new initiative will see more stores stocking products and additional products being available for purchase.

Already stocked at both Big W and EB Games, products that are available as part of ABP Technology’s expansion include;

  • 4Gamers PRO4-70 Stereo Gaming Headset
  • 4Gamers Twin Play n Charge Cables
  • Stealth XP – Hornet Headset
  • Stealth XP – Raptor Headset
  • Stealth XP Camo – Warrior
  • Stealth XP Camo – Conqueror
  • Stealth XP Camo – Raider

As one of the largest supplier’s in the UK of gaming headsets, ABP Technology is looking to replicate its success in Australia. Sales Director Paul Carrington said, “With our innovative technology and design, dedicated support on the ground, we have great aspirations in becoming Australia’s leading gaming accessories provider.”

Stealth 4Gamers Headsets

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According to ABP Technology, a significant investment has been made by the company in customer service and product development in the past two years. In doing so, ABP Technology is hoping to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices.

The PRO4-70 headset is a PlayStation 4 compatible device and comes in four colours for a RRP of $49.99. 4Gamers Twin Play n Charge Cables also come in four colours and allow players to charge their controllers while playing or to use the desktop to charge two DualShock 4 controllers at once.

At only $24.99, the Twin Play n Charge Cables is designed to keep players playing longer without having to wait while controllers are charged.

All of Stealth’s headsets are multiformat and can be used with PC, PS4, Switch, Mobile and Xbox One thanks to the handy 3.5mm jack. The Hornet has been designed to resemble the F/A-18 fighter jet while the Raptor, also named for a fighter jet is a more robust, powerful headset.

The Hornet costs $69.99 while the Raptor costs $89.99.

Finally, the Stealth Camo series comes in three flavours; Warrior, Conqueror and Raider.

Each of these headsets features an adjustable, padded headband coupled with flexible ear cushions to give all-round comfort. While, inside, there are 40mm speaker drivers ensuring every detail is crystal clear.

The XP-Camo headsets also feature an innovative L-shaped 3.5mm jack plug; an alternative design providing better protection for the, typically weak, jack plug. Ensuring these STEALTH headsets enjoy a longer lease of life.

The XP Camo headsets also feature a removable microphone so you can get rid of it for sessions where you’re not using it.

All of the Stealth and 4Gamers products are available now at both Big W and EB Games.

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