RIG 800 Wireless Gaming Headset Review – Louder, Stronger, Harder

The Wireless Plantronics RIG 800 headset was sent for review with the caveat that I should finish my review of the new lightweight RIG 700 first. I was given a very ‘eat your vegetables before dessert’ vibe and had the distinct impression that the 800 would be far superior.

The vibe was such that I believed the RIG 800 was going to completely ruin the 700 for me. It’s currently the cheaper model by about $50 AUD, coming in at between $150 and $200 depending on the retailer.

However, it’s a more premium headset that has a few features on the RIG 700. I could understand why a PR company might have concerns about comparing the two and finding the 700 inferior but it just wasn’t quite true, at least for me.

RIG 800 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Now don’t get me wrong, there are aspects of the 800 that definitely are better than the 700. They’ve been out for a while so you may well be familiar with the spec sheet.

They have a cool boom style mic instead of the removable one which mutes when you flick it up. This mic is slightly better quality as well but still very much just made for in-game chat, nothing to make recordings on.

The sound is undeniably better, which for a lot of people matters. The bass is far punchier on the Rig 800 the sound is generally more full. I noticed this far more when listening to music as opposed to playing games but it’s definitely there. If you’re purely after something with good sound then absolutely choose the 800 over the 700 all day.

Battery wise you’re also going to get about twice as long out of the RIG 800 as opposed to the 700. I think I’ve clocked up to about 17 hours with it without needing to charge and it’s still going strong. This has however taken me quite a while to get here and that’s because of one key factor.

Heavy Sound

The final main difference between the Rig 800 and the 700 models is the way they sit on your head. The 800 has the suspended band in the plastic shell designed to give you the extra layer of comfort but it just doesn’t work as well as the supreme lightness of the 700.

I find myself getting tired quite quickly with the RIG 800 and just can’t wear it for extended periods of time without getting some headphone pain.

As I’ve said in other headset reviews, I can be a bit sensitive to this so if you’ve got an ironclad skull then it might not matter to you. However, the RIG 800 really just couldn’t get comfortable on my head.

Like clockwork, after about an hour of wearing them, I was feeling pretty done. I found myself getting more frustrated when I played games and am certain I can chalk that up to a less than comfortable headset.

I do think the band design helps alleviate this but it’s a mix of just a heavier headset, to accommodate all those features and the smaller ear cuffs that did me in.

I was surprised during my review of the RIG 700s that the ear cuffs didn’t bother me but they do feel softer to the touch. I think this is actually because they’re not as good quality material but it really helped for comfort.

Feel it Out

Overall, the RIG 800 was also less comfortable for me than the Razer Nari Ultimate. It is however vastly superior to something like the Asus ROG Strix wireless headset which squeezed my head like it was trying to juice it. If that’s a key issue for you, as it is for me, I would do my research before getting this particular set of headphones.

If you know you like this style then these are by no means a bad purchase, especially at some of the cheaper prices they come at the moment. The sound can be, really, very good with strong bases and decent spatial projections. The mic is perfectly fine for chat and boom mics do genuinely make getting up to get yourself a drink a little less awkward for everyone involved.

If you’re unsure, see if you can try one on first. I’ve been burnt by buying uncomfortable headphones in the past and it really is a person to person thing. What doesn’t work for me could absolutely work for you but if you do know yourself to be someone with these issues, just be wary.

The RIG 700 Wireless Headset was reviewed using a pair provided to PowerUp! by Poly.

PowerUp! Reviews

Product Name: Plantronics RIG 800 headset

Product Description: Perfect your game with 24 hours of unwired, uninterrupted focus and moving audio that sweeps all around and above you with RIG 800LX and Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

  • Good Sound in treble and bass
  • Boom Mic mutability
  • Ok but not excellent mic quality
  • Not very comfortable
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