Celebrate 10 Years of League of Legends with Riot’s online party stream

Riot Games Oceania is inviting all Summoners to an epic party today to celebrate 10 Years of League of Legends. The party will be held online on Twitch and will be a celebration of the past, present and future of League of Legends. The stream will include some special guests, casting talent and more to entertain and delight fans.

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship casting talent, Bryce Paule, will be hosting the streaming party. Those who tune in will be able to take part in competitions, tournaments and giveaways.

By tuning in you’ll have the chance to win in-game loot, gaming hardware, League of Legends merch and heaps more.

League of Legends 10 Years

For a little extra fun, the Oceanic stream will host 10th Anniversary Edition Riot Pls direct from LA at 12pm AEDT.

In the 10th Anniversary Edition Riot Pls, we’ll take a look back at our favorite League moments and share a glimpse of the future, including a first look at this year’s preseason changes and TFT’s next big content update.

According to Riot, every day there are 8 million peak concurrent players in League of Legends. This puts League of Legends at the top of the list of most played PC games in the world. Another incredible fact is that League of Legends is bigger than the top 10 games on Steam…COMBINED!

That’s why Riot wants to celebrate with the community in the stream. These dedicated fans have made League of Legends the biggest game in the world over the past 10 years and Riot wants to say thanks.

Make sure you tune in today at 11 am AEDT.

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