What do the Draconian difficulty settings do in Dragon Quest XI?

Now that Dragon Quest XI is out on Switch in its ‘definitive version’ it comes complete with some bonus features. While the 2D mode is frustrating hamstrung, the new Dragon Quest 11 Draconian difficulty settings allow you to craft your own customised difficulty. Draconian difficulty modifiers aren’t for the faint of heart but they will give veterans of the franchise a great challenge.

All up, there are eight Draconian difficulty modifiers that you can opt into when you start a new game. You’re able to select as many or as few as you like and can remove or add them at any church.

If you don’t select any Draconian difficulty modifiers, you won’t be able to add them in later.

Dragon Quest 11 Draconian Difficulty

The eight Dragon Quest 11 Draconian difficulty modifiers are;

  • No Shopping
  • No Armour
  • Reduced Experience from Easy Fights
  • All Enemies are Super Strong
  • Shypox
  • Super Shypox
  • Townsfolk Talk Tripe
  • Party Wiped Out if Protagonist Perishes

Each difficulty modifier is described as follows.

No Shopping

You can’t spend your gold coins on items. You’ll have to get by with what you can acquire from chests and monsters!

No Armour

You can’t equip any defensive items, so you’ll have to make the most of any spells, skills or items that can boost your survivability.

Reduced Experience from Easy Fights

You’ll only get half the normal number of experience points for beating baddies weaker than yourself – and sometimes none at all! Target tougher enemies to level up!

All Enemies are Super Strong

Every enemy you encounter will be tougher than usual, making your quest a true test of your combat skills. Only hardened warriors need apply!


Uncontrollable embarrassment will plague you on every step of your adventure. There’s no telling when this crippling affliction might flare up next!

Super Shypox

Savour the spectacle of seeing your allies crippled with embarrassment from time to time! Wondering what might get them worked up? Only one way to find out!

Townsfolk Talk Tripe

A strange force will sometimes overcome the inhabitants of Erdrea, making them tell a white lie or two. Who knows what fibs they’ll try and pass off as the truth…

Party Wiped Out if Protagonist Perishes

The whole party will be wiped out if the protagonist is defeated. Make sure you keep him nice and safe.

Dragon Quest XI is now available on Switch.

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