Final Fantasy 14 New Game Plus coming with update 5.1

During the Final Fantasy 14 Letter from the Producer live at TGS, it was revealed that Final Fantasy 14 New Game Plus will be added in update 5.1. Due to be released in the first week of October, update 5.1 will allow players to play Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers main scenario quests in New Game Plus mode.

The update will also make way “additional quests such as job and role quests” which will be added in future updates.

The absence of A Realm Reborn’s main sequence quests is notable, however speculation from players it that the MSQ of A Realm Reborn is being reworked and shortened. Once that is complete it may be added.

In the letter from the producer live, it notes that “Quests for A Realm Reborn main scenario, classes and jobs, roles, Chronicles of a New Era and new story quests will be made available in a future update.”

Final Fantasy 14 New Game Plus

While playing New Game Plus, you are only able to play and progress through quests specific to New Game Plus. You won’t be able to tackle any and all quests as you please.

The idea behind New Game Plus is to “revisit previously completed quests to enjoy cutscenes, dialogue and battles not available in the Unending Journey.”

In New Game Plus, you’ll need to select a chapter to play. Each chapter must be played from the beginning. Chapter in Final Fantasy 14 New Game Plus are divided like the following example;

  • Heavensward Part 1 – Patch 3.0
  • Heavensward Part 2 – Patch 3,0
  • Dragonsong War – Patch 3.1 through 3.3
  • Post Dragonsong – Patch 3.4 through 3.5

During New Game Plus, instanced battles will be level-synced and there will be no quest rewards. One autosave slot will keep your progress.

In addition, update 5.1 will introduce the Fellowship system. This is a new community network for players of Final Fantasy 14 that will let groups of 1000s of like-minded people play together.

One player is able to make or join up to 10 fellowships without World restrictions provided they’re within the same data centre. Fellowships are a quick and easy way for players to announce events, find players to run dungeons with and are a good way to exchange information.

Finding Fellowships is quick and easy using the Fellowship Finder. When you find one you like, you simply select it and choose Yes on the confirmation.

Fellowships have a Notice Board which shares the main message to all members. There is also a message board which allows free communication between Fellowship members.

You can rewatch the letter from the producer live here.

Watch FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIV from finalfantasyxiv on

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