Kung Fu Jesus is gracing our lives in 2020 and it’s an actual trip

Finally, the universe is giving us the hallucinogenic retro kung-fu-brawler-adventure-RPG we want, nay, deserve. Kung Fu Jesus is the first title from UK-based Celestial Gold Studios, headed up by Craig Snape who has previously created music under the moniker of Kung Fu Jesus to critical acclaim.

Snape now hopes to tell the story of Kung Fu Jesus, saying, “I started work on Kung Fu Jesus as a way to tell a story, a story about the strange happenings of the universe.”

Kung Fu Jesus

And it sure as heck looks to be a hell of a story. Celestial Gold Studios’ description of the game is as follows;

Kung Fu Jesus borrows from fighting games, action-adventures, action-RPGs and more, to create an intoxicating mixture of genres and gameplay styles. One moment you’ll be fending off a katana-wielding mobster along high-tech city streets; the next you’ll be piloting alien vehicles across the surface of an otherworldly planet.

Down on his luck and working for a seedy gangster, Kung Fu Jesus walks the streets in a miserable daze. Little does he know his life is about to be transformed forever…

Enter a madcap world of organised crime, alternate dimensions, and intense martial arts, in a genre-busting action-adventure like no other. From invigorating kung fu combat, to lonely drives across alien landscapes, Kung Fu Jesus invites you to wake up, seek the truth, and free yourselves from the shackles of everyday reality.

Explore alien landscapes and celestial planes, battling men and gods alike with visceral martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Follow Kung Fu Jesus from his origins as a down-and-out deadbeat, as he discovers his true nature and journeys toward his ultimate fate.

Travel from the neon-lit streets of a near-future city, to lush forests scattered with ancient temples, snow-capped mountains with electric skies, and celestial dreamscapes where nothing is as it seems. Kung Fu Jesus is a dimension-hopping experience; a rich tapestry of theology, conspiracy, science-fiction and fantasy.

I have never been on an acid trip in my life, but nevertheless, I felt exactly like I’d been on an acid trip after watching the trailer. I’m not sure what I just watched, but I’m here for it!

Kung Fu Jesus is set to release on PC in 2020. You can add it to your wishlist on Steam, and visit the website for updates.

Lauren Harradine
Lauren Harradine
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