Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has four classes and a huge skill tree

In Wildlands, classes were exclusive to the PvP mode Ghost War. In Breakpoint, classes are now extended to the campaign. This adds a whole new element to the solo/co-op experience and changes how players approach each engagement and helps reinforce the team element. When playing solo, the classes simply inform how you choose to play.

Ther four available classes are Assault, Sharpshooter, Panther and Medic. Each is viable when playing solo but they really shine when they all come together in co-op.

I chose to play as Panther (because I love stealth) but which class you choose is really all about personal preference. These classes also extend to the PvP mode; Ghost War. So, if you and your squad are planning on taking to Breakpoint (and you should) you’ll want to work out who’s doing what.

Breakpoint Classes

You should be able to figure out what each class does from the name. In case you can’t, essentially Assault are the frontline fighters, Sharpshooters are snipers, Panthers are stealth CQC specialists and Medics revive and save squadmates and can even use drones to revive downed players.

The classes have a huge and varied skill tree that can be unlocked in an a la carte fashion. Eventually, you’ll be able to unlock all of the skills, but you’ll never be able to use them all at the same time.

Your character only has three total perk slots and so you’ll need to select and equip your perks as you go. Each class also comes with a unique class item and an ultimate ability. Panthers, for example, can use a cloaking spray that renders them invisible to drones while Assault can throw gas grenades.

The Panther’s ultimate is a smoke grenade that shrouds an area and makes the entire squad invisible to enemies for a time, giving you the chance to escape. Medics, on the other hand, use a healing drone that can heal and revive teammates.

These ultimate can really make or break a firefight and are a huge addition to the game. Given that you can take your character from PvE into PvP and progress is linked between the two, figuring out your best build is going to take plenty of tinkering and experimentation.

Each class also has its own rank which you level up by completing challenges. These challenges are based on the class, so, for example, a Panther challenge may require you to kill a number of enemies while in stealth or killing a number of enemies with CQC etc.

When ranking up, you’ll earn cosmetics, weapon parts, weapons and more.

The focus on classes and unique unlocks/perks really suits the style of game and is a vast improvement over Wildlands. Not that there were issues with Wildlands. However, the gameplay of the series lends itself to classes which is why Ghost War in Wildlands was such a success.

Now, with PvE and PvP sharing classes, characters and progression, Breakpoint is going to keep you thoroughly entertained.

It launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 4, 2019.

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