Breakpoint’s Ghost War is Ubisoft’s take on Battle Royale

While Ghost War was an afterthought in Wildlands, in Breakpoint it’s being built as an integral part of the experience. Launching alongside Breakpoint, rather than coming much later and featuring PvP maps designed from the ground up for Ghost War, Ubisoft is going all-in on this mode. However, there are some key differences between Wildlands’ Ghost War and Breakpoint’s.

For starters, your progression from the PvE campaign carries over into Ghost War. That means you’ll be using the same character, same loadout and same perks in Ghost War as you do in the campaign.

Better still, when you gain experience in Ghost War and level up, your character keeps that experience when you go back to the campaign.

Breakpoint Ghost War

In Breakpoint, Ghost War includes a brand-new injury system that will require players to look after each other, work together and try to survive.

Like in Wildlands, Ghost War is a 4v4 team-based PvP mode where players have one life. The team who eliminates the other team first is the winner. What makes Breakpoint’s Ghost War Ubisoft’s take on Battle Royale is the shrinking combat zone and loot drops.

Shrinking combat zones are a staple of the Battle Royale genre and in Ghost War, this new feature is sure to ratchet up the tension. Secondly, Ghost War in Breakpoint includes scattered loot that will help give players an edge on the enemy.

Clearly, Ubisoft is putting a huge amount of detail into Breakpoint and including Ghost War as a core pillar rather than an afterthought. It’s as integral as the experience as the PvE campaign and is incredibly tense and a lot of fun.

You’ll get a chance to check it out when Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 4, 2019.

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