Bob and Prickle is coming in 2020, here’s what you can expect from a game with a talking cactus

Bob and Prickle is a 2D shooter platformer in development by Crealode Games that features a sentient cactus, and, really; what more do you need to know? The game is set in the 2040s, where flying cars and robots are the norm. And, I like to think that its inhabitants finally have the hoverboards that were promised to us.

In this future world, Bob is an ex mall cop who has deteriorated into a kind of lazy, layabout anti-hero. But when an evil corporation creates a drug that transforms humans into something… else… he teams up with his buddy Prickle the cactus to put a stop to their experiments.

Bob and Prickle

The aesthetic of Bob and Prickle is delightfully cartoony and its gameplay appears action-packed, featuring pop up bubbles describing the onomatopoeia of the action taking place, much like the Adam West version of Batman.

Releasing in 2020 on PC, Bob and Prickle’s features will include:

  • Fast and smooth gameplay
  • Addictive shooter mechanics
  • Compelling story
  • A lot of bang-bangs
  • A variety of weapons, bombs and powers
  • Dad jokes

You can add Bob and Prickle to your Steam wishlist now, and visit Crealode Games’ website for updates.

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