Borderlands 3 includes two special Challenge modes

In addition to the massive campaign and huge endgame, Borderlands 3 is also going to include some challenge content for players to tackle. These aren’t the challenges you complete as you make your way through the campaign. Instead, these are dedicated locations scattered throughout the solar system. These are the Circle Of Slaughter arenas and the Proving Grounds.

To participate in Circle of Slaughter, you’ll need to find the arena and sign-up. These arenas are sponsored by Torgue and are commentated by Mr Torgue himself.

Once you begin a Circle of Slaughter challenge, you either finish or you die. If you get downed and can’t be revived; you lose. Not only the challenge but also the massive payout.

Borderlands 3 Challenges

In the Circle of Slaughter challenges, you’ll have to survive five rounds, each including multiple waves, of enemies who want nothing more than to put you down. You’ll only succeed if you make sure they’re all dead.

In addition, you’ll be able to complete bonus objectives during the Circle of Slaughter like getting melee kills, ground slams and more.

The other Borderlands 3 challenge mode is Proving Grounds. These are themed challenges curated by someone named the Overseer. They’re seeking to test your skill on behalf of a group known as the ‘Masters.’

Proving Grounds challenges are a race against the clock in which players will need to complete three enemy-filled areas and beat a boss, all within 30-minutes or less. The faster you finish, the better the rewards.

There are even better rewards waiting for those players who finish the Proving Grounds while also completing bonus objectives such as not dying, finding bonus enemies and more. Once complete, players will be able to open the chest at the end which will be filled with precious loot.

Players will be able to tackle both the Circle of Slaughter and Proving Grounds challenges when Borderlands 3 launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13.

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