Concrete Genie will launch with Photo Mode and two VR modes on PS4

Ever since it was announced, I’ve thought that Concrete Genie looks like the sweet, heartwarming kind of game that I love. Now, PixelOpus and Sony have announced that Concrete Genie will launch on PS4 in October. Starring Ash, Concrete Genie follows him on his journey to bring light back to his hometown of Denska.

After Ash discovers that he’s able to bring his paintings to life, he decides to use this new power to save Denska. Additionally, Ash’s powers continue to grow and, as shown in the trailer, he’s able to use something PixelOpus calls Paint Skating.

Concrete Genie will also include two VR modes that require the PSVR headset and Move Controllers to play. These modes will put players onto Denska’s streets and let them paint the world.

You’ll have the choice between four unique Denska locations where you can play and experiment with all the Living Paint and Genie creation brushes you collect during your Concrete Genie adventures, all with the intuitiveness that the two PlayStation Move Motion controllers provide

Concrete Genie

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When Concrete Genie launches, it will also include a Photo Mode with some special, bonus features. Creative Director of Pixelopus, “Dominic Robilliard” said, “We have added a special feature to it – a timelapse style ‘Replay’ that allows you to show how you put your artistic compositions together.

“We can’t wait to see the images and clips of the artwork you’ll create once you get your hands on this feature.”

Concrete Genie will launch for PS4 on October 9, 2019.

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