Fortnite Season 10 – Welcome to Pandora Challenges Guide

In the latest of the Fortnite updates, namely v10.20, Epic has teamed up with Gearbox to bring us a Borderlands crossover event. This is a limited-time event and will only last two weeks. It’s a fun and quirky string of six challenges which take part in the new Pandora Zone in the south-east area of the map.

We’ve put together a guide for these six challenges to help you get the most out of the FortniteXMayhem event.

1. Collect 10 Cash from Chests and opponents in Pandora.

A super straight forward Challenge here. Every chest you open in Pandora will drop a small bunch of Notes. Pick these up and profit, or kill opponents and loot theirs.

2. Eliminate 3 opponents in Pandora.

Another straight forward challenge.

Just kill three opponents in the Pandora Zone across any number of games.

3. Search 7 Chests in Pandora.

Same as above but instead of killing opponents you need to loot chests. This will also help with your collect cash challenge.

4. Find Claptrap’s missing eye and then return it to him.

See the map below for locations.

The eye is just in front of the TV (Black circle). Claptrap is just on the edge of Pandora next to the signpost (Yellow circle).

5. Gain 500 shields in Pandora.

You will regain shields just for being in the Pandora Zone.

Just like in Borderlands you regain it after a while of not taking damage.

6. Search 3 different vault symbols.

See map for locations (Red Circles).

Interact with 3 of these to complete the challenge.

Map of Pandora zone.

There you have it.

Those six challenges are the Fortnite Welcome to Pandora challenges that will be available while the FortniteXMayhem event is live.

Borderlands 3 will launch on September 13. Fortnite is available now.

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