Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise – New Defender Goyo

I recently visited Ubisoft to go hands-on with Rainbow Six Siege’s new Operation Ember Rise content. In addition to getting acquainted with the new content, I had to chance to play as new Defender Goyo.

César Ruiz Hernández is a member of Mexico’s Fuerzas Especiales and “began working with UNESCO and INTERPOL to combat antiquities trafficking, where he gained the attention of Rainbow as a mind with a keen tactical sense and exceptional forward-thinking. “

As discussed in my hands-on, Goyo’s ability is his Volcán Shield. Deployed exactly like any other Deployable Shield — which now snaps to door frames — the Volcán Shield comes with a bonus incendiary bomb.

Looking at the Volcán Shield front on, there’s no way of telling that it’s any different from a Deployable Shield so attackers are going to have to do recon and tread carefully.

Operation Ember Rise Goyo

The Volcán Shield isn’t infallible though and incorrect use is not only going to hinder your team’s strategies, it could outright damage them. Given that your enemies are also able to set off the Volcán Shield, careful placement and good team communication are key.

You don’t want to be the Goyo on your team who puts a Volcán Shield in a terrible location and causes your whole squad to die a fiery death.

Yes. That was me.

In Operation Ember Rise, Goyo can be equipped with the Vector.45 ACP Sub-Machine Gun or the TCSG 12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun. His only secondary option is the P229 Handgun and he can carry either an impact grenade or nitro cell in addition to the Volcán Shield.

Like Amaru, Goyo is also a two armour, two speed operator.

Either of Goyo’s weapons are great and your choice will ultimately depend on your playstyle and your team strategy. I, being terrible at Siege, opted for the Semi-Auto Shotgun. Using that against enemies trying to breach a doorway, with a Volcán Shield in place was a great way to burn them to a crisp.

Goyo’s Bio states;

César Ruiz Hernández was eleven years old when a bomb destroyed his home, killing his father and sister and severely injuring his mother. With the help of Specialist Azucena Rocío “Amaru” Quispe, César’s mother Sofia taught him to observe his surroundings, and to avoid the other boys his age who had been drawn into gang-related affairs.

She encouraged him to enroll at the Heroic Naval Military School, where he graduated as a teniente de corbeta.

Goyo will be available as part of Operation Ember Rise when it launches for Rainbow Six Siege.

Leo Stevenson attended an Operation Ember Rise preview event as a guest of Ubisoft. Travel costs were paid for by Ubisoft.

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