Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new Unranked Playlist and a special Champions Rank

When Operation Ember Rise launches for Rainbow Six Siege, in addition to the new operators, reworked Kanal map and Battle Pass, a new Unranked Playlist and special Champions Rank will be added to the game. These new additions are being introduced to give players more ways to play and more rewards for playing.

According to Ubisoft, “The Siege experience is constantly improving, and with Ember Rise, we’re introducing another playlist to help with the learning curve.”

The Unranked Playlist will follow the same rules as the Ranked playlist, except that it won’t affect your rank or MMR. This gives players a chance to experience the Ranked playlist, playstyle and the Pick & Ban system without having to worry about ranking up.

Rainbow Six Siege Champions Rank

The addition of the special Champions Rank comes as Siege’s Ranked playlist grows and changes.

Diamond is the current peak of Siege’s ranks, but with Operation Ember Rise, players will be able to enter the Champions Rank.

Once a player reaches 5000 MMR, they’ll enter the Champions rank. While it mostly functions like other ranks, it has something that ups the ante: individual rank numbers.

The top 9999 players with the highest MMR within the Champions rank will have their standing displayed on their rank, which means that whichever player has the highest MMR in the game will be recognized as the #1 Champion

So long as a player remains above 5000 MMR they will remain in the Champions Rank.

Both the Unranked Playlist and Champions Rank will be available in when Operation Ember Rise launches for Rainbow Six Siege.

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