Control Guide – Find the hidden areas in the Containment Sector

By virtue of its design, Control is a game filled with secrets, hidden areas and mysteries. Even as you continue through the story and traverse the Oldest House, Control has more mysteries on offer for you. This is especially true when you arrive at the Oldest House’s Containment Sector. Here is where the FBC stores dangerous Altered Items and it’s where your story starts to coalesce.

With Levitation, Jesse is able to explore far more of the Oldest House than she could when starting out. This conditions players to look up for secrets and hidden areas, however, Remedy has other ideas.

In the containment sector, melee is king when it comes to locating secrets.

Control Containment Sector

As you explore the Containment Sector you may notice odd paintings, like the ones in the gallery above, on the walls.

These paintings, or photos, are of holes in walls showing a doorway or broken space. These pictures aren’t just for decoration though. They’re showing players that a secret is lurking.

By using melee on these pictures, you’re able to create a hole in the wall and get through to find the secrets within. Usually, you’ll find secure storage boxes that give you a mod or crafting materials.

That being said, it’s still worth trying to find them all.

Control is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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