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I’m a huge fan of mutants and always have been. Whether we’re talking Wolverine, Pizza Turtle or LeBron James. The concept of exceeding the limits of the flesh through exposure to scientific/toxic waste is a real winner if you ask me. And since you’re reading this review, then that’s just what you’ve done.

I think the chaotic and randomized outcome of a mutation is what makes it such a good plot device too. One case of exposure to green goo might make you the greatest basketballer of the modern era.

Another sip from the mutagenic kool-aid and you might end up with ginger hair and pale skin. Not every mutation can be a winner.

RAD Review

Being a ranga is the shittest mutation. Red hair, no mates I say.
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RAD captures the unpredictable joy of ‘on-the-fly’ gene splicing with distinction. It’s impossible not to catch a case of ‘extra limbs’ in the irradiated playground that is the wastes. Killing enemies will fill your muto-meter and transform you.

Beating a boss will grant you a literal extra heart to prepare you for the harder enemies in the next level. Sometimes your bottom half turns into a horse and you can kick fire-spewing crabs in their seven titties.

While I’ve been playing RAD I’ve seen less than 15% of possible mutations, cause there is an absolute butt load. From what I’ve experienced there are a lot of mundane, game mechanic powers to unlock.

For example, you can acquire skin that’s immune to fire but there’s no observable change. Then there’s a whole lot really cool shit that makes you a threat to society at large and look good at the same time.

My head was transmuted into a flaming skull that I could remotely detonate to decimate my foes. Only moments later it would regrow, ready to rock and roll on repeat. I grew a second brain that burst from my skull, the power of my doubled cognition fierce enough to slow the passage of time.

Yep, RAD is insane.

RAD Ical

Demonic, hellfire, baseball skellington is the sickest mutation.
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The people who made this game really like movies about cool dudes and dudettes from the 80s too. If the word ‘Rad’ didn’t tip you off that the devs think car phones were a sick idea, the fat synth soundtrack might.

RAD is a shotgun blast of neon purples and greens that would bring a tear to the karate kids eye. The narrator also thinks he’s the narrator from Mortal Kombat and that’s just fine.

Time out. if you inferred from the first two paragraphs that I thought the best mutation was being LeBron James… you might have a knack for deduction.

It should be noted, There’s more at play than feathered mullets, arms where legs should be and vice versa. RAD features a charming little story about survivors in an unforgiving fallout, fingers crossed in prayer for a champion to bring life back to the wastes.

This guy really enjoys mutating you.

Your hub world is full of townsfolk with mostly funny dialogue and some sci-fi dude called the elder who makes references to popular culture from the before times.

Apparently, there’s been two apocalypses brought about by the hubris of man and you’re the one to clean up the mess.

The theme is strongly supported by the gameplay, which I greatly appreciated. As you walk across the harsh, barren deserts, grass and flowers grow in your wake.

Engaging alien technology causes huge cascades of verdant shrubbery to sprout into staunch, permanent existence. Your actions are clearly curing the world of its mistakes.


Lush like the old birds at the bowls club.

Wherever you’ve sprouted flora is a speed boost to your character and visibly shows where you’ve already explored so you don’t get lost in the same places you’ve already been.


Combining the gorgeous aesthetics, the killer soundtrack and exciting lucky-dip of mutations, RAD has mutated itself into a real little treat for me that I didn’t see coming.

Skip the review and watch the trailer. It’s the smart way to get a look at the game.

RAD was reviewed on PS4 using a digital code provided by the publisher.

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