Acer’s Predator brand becomes the official PC and monitor sponsor for Rainbow Six Pro League Season X

Ubisoft and Acer have announced that Predator is the official PC and monitor sponsor for Rainbow Six Pro League Season X. Predator will also sponsor the Majors. Acer has a longstanding commitment to esports and the Predator brand stands as one of the strongest in the industry. Acer’s Predator League has run successfully for two years with the second year adding PUBG and taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Darren Simmons, Acer’s Oceanic Managing Director, said of the sponsorship;

We’re seeing continued rapid growth within the esports scene and the quality of play that we’re witnessing year-on-year continues to blow us away.

Acer is a putting its full support behind esports on a global level and we plan to continue equipping the worlds’ best players with our gaming hardware.

Whilst we’re supporting esports at the highest levels, we’re also working with grass-roots here in Australia via META High School Esports to build the ecosystem from the ground up. Players can develop skills such as in-game strategy, critical thinking and communication, whilst getting inspired to pursue careers in STEM through games.

We want to see Australia become a force in global esports and, as with any sport, this requires investment in youth development.

Predator Rainbow Six Siege

The sponsorship by Acer with Predator gear being used for both Season X and the Six Major in Raleigh. While players will be equipped with high-end monitors, PCs and laptops, fans in attendance will be able to go hands-on with Acer’s Predator tech in the high-performance areas at each event.

In these areas, fans will also get first-looks at new Rainbow Six Siege content. The sponsorship has also opened doors for Ubisoft, Predator, Rainbow Six Siege and Acer to run promotions and giveaways in a global environment.

Vincent Lin, Associate Vice President, Product Marketing and Planning, Acer said;

Joining forces with Ubisoft adds an exciting new chapter in Acer’s initiative to promote and expand esports worldwide.

Rainbow Six titles are legendary and we are thrilled to bring players to their competitive peak with Predator performance gaming PCs and monitors.

Acer’s sponsorship isn’t the only news for Season X as Ubisoft has advised the following changes;

  • A revamped schedule including two play days per week for each of the four regions:  North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America,
  • An update of the map pool to allow pro players to display their skills in the most competitive environment possible,
  • The removal of the auto-relegation for more competitiveness within Rainbow Six esports program,
  • An increased prize pool for the Pro League season, now reaching $626,000 (playoffs included)

Rainbow Six Siege Season X is on now. For more details head to the official site.

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