Warframe Podcast Episode 48 – Xenogelion Interview

It’s the week after E3, and sadly we didn’t learn much about Railjack – we just got a basic trailer and directions to watch TennoLive… Like we weren’t already going to do that! Still, we are pretty damned excited.

But we still have an awesome episode for you – this week, we’ve got an interview with YouTuber Xenogelion, host of the Tenno Clock podcast, now in its 6th year! Check it out, and take a look at his YouTube channel – the man is a workaholic.


  • News: Empyrean to be shown off at TennoCon, Jovian Concord hits consoles, Nightwave Intermission stats, and Operation Plague star is back
  • Discussion: Xenogelion Interview
  • Beginner topic: Progression in the early game
  • Advanced topic: Kitguns

Warframe Podcast

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