World of Warcraft Day One Results – Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Spring Finals

Day one of the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Spring Finals is done and dusted. There were strong showings by all teams and a few unique strategies.

Some more successful than others.

Lots of matches were close and others were complete blowouts. Both Method squads came to play hard, as everyone expected and everyone was seeking to feel out the competition, not eager to reveal too many secret strategies. All choosing to save their trickiest plays for the finals.

With a few clear favourite dungeons amongst the competitors, Day One of the MDI Spring Finals started with little surprise or variety. All teams revealed that their favourite dungeon is Atal’Dazar. With the general consensus being that Temple of Sethraliss is the least favourite dungeon.

Be warned this post contains results, so here’s a big spoiler alert if you’re waiting to watch the replays.

I will spoil one thing.

If you missed the matches live today then be sure to check out the replays on Twitch. While you’re there throw the official Warcraft channel a follow so you don’t miss any more upcoming games.

Match 1: Method EU vs Black Mamba

The first match of the day was set to be a big one with Black Mamba claiming to be unbeatable on Atal’Dazar. Method EU was looking to shut them up hard and they did just that.

A strong early lead and perfect Bloodlust timings gave Method EU the edge. An edge they never looked like losing.

A few poorly timed pulls, combined with the raging and reaping affixes, saw Black Mamba suffer a few deaths that left them in Method EU’s dust.

All games are a best of three and with map one going to Method EU the next challenge would be Tol Dagor. A watery prison, with the Fortified, Teeming, Explosive and Reaping affixes.

The trash mobs between bosses were an absolute nightmare for both teams. Once again though, Method EU produced the goods and displayed superb map knowledge. Method EU gained an advantage early by using the environment to slow down their enemies and deliver high area of effect damage when they were forced to cluster.

Method EU stormed out of the gate, sending a very clear to message to all the other teams watching. Method EU moved on to face the winner of the next match, while Black Mamba drop to the lower bracket.

Match 2: Team D vs Abrakeydabra

Traps, Treasure & a Zombie T-Rex await adventurers in Atal’Dazar

This was the closest map of day one.

Both teams were hungry to stay in the winner’s bracket. Map one would be The Underrot, featuring the Fortified, Bolstering, Quaking & Reaping affixes.

With both Fortified and Bolstering in play, fights would be dragging on as the monsters gain strength after each of their allies dies. These affixes combined with The Underrot’s nasty monsters forced both teams to make smaller rapid pulls, instead of the larger stacks we saw in the previous round.

Both teams alternated taking the lead, neck and neck they raced to the finish line. It was Abrakeydabra who secured the win, despite losing their healer early on the final boss, Unbound Abomination.

Smart plays to avoid incoming attacks paired with huge damage stopped Unbound Abomination ruined Abrakeydabra’s day.

Map two saw a return to Atal’Dazar. Energised by their close call victory, Abrakeydabra pulled out all stops. Team D was just unable to find their rhythm. Repeated deaths and silly plays meant they beat themselves early on.

As each player death adds five seconds to the final time, a monstrous 17 deaths on the side of Team D saw them add an extra 85 seconds to their time.

In the end, Team D barely got the second of four bosses down before Abrakeydabra finished the dungeon. Abrakeydabra moved on to face Method EU later in the day, while team D prepared to face Black Mamba on Day Two.

Match 3: Fullscreened vs Fourty K

Freehold. Pirate Haven and home of the villianous Harlan Sweete

The Aussies entered the stage with a lot to prove.

So far Australia hasn’t had the strongest showing in World of Warcraft esports. But this was the time to change all of that. Map one would be Freehold, the pirate refuge.

Known for its various routes and options through the map, both teams took a fairly standard lineup and approach to the map. Fourty K stormed ahead early, whilst the Aussie team Fullscreened found themselves bogged down with poorly timed pulls and deaths.

Fourty K flexed their map knowledge, using the environmental mortar fire to their advantage to whittle down the enemy and Fullscreened never found their stride. They struggled to get the second boss down.

Meanwhile, Fourty K had already defeated the third boss and were making their way to the fourth and final boss. Their decision to include a Death Knight in their team proved to be the right decision, giving them the edge over Fullscreened’s two rogue approach.

It would seem as the teams entered Waycrest Manor that the Aussies were disheartened. Silly deaths and mistimed abilities meant that Fullscreened racked up 16 deaths. Fourty K maintained their composure in the haunted halls.

Waycrest Manor is a difficult map to master as the access points change every time you run it. It’s also the only five boss dungeon currently in the game. None of that deterred Fourty K, completing the run in a time to rival Method EU.

Meanwhile, Fullscreened stumbled and fell repeatedly, barely getting the second boss down before making their way down to the lower bracket. Fourty K go through to the next round, eagerly watching the next match to size up their next opponents.

Match 4: Method NA vs BUFF WAR NERF ROGUE (BWNR)

DO YOU EVEN MYTHIC BRO?! Method EU Gingi unleashes a triumphant roar

The last match of round one was set to be a good one. Both teams were eager to display their dominance on one of the most challenging dungeon maps in World of Warcraft.

The MOTHERLODE! is one of those maps where a poorly timed pull, a step in the wrong spot or missed interrupt can spell disaster. Packed full of goblins with crazy weapons, mechs and in my opinion the nastiest affix of them all; Necrotic.

Whenever an enemy hits a player in melee, it applies a stacking debuff that deals damage over time and reduces healing received.


Nerf, the tank player for Method NA made it look easy as they round up the enemies while his team knocks them down. Method NA secured the win with what I think is the fastest MOTHERLODE! run in history.

Freehold was the next map on the cards. With both teams making some faulty plays early on, it was later revealed there was a server issue as BWNR’s tank, ChingBB, was disconnected in the middle of a fight.

Since these games are taking place on a LAN, there shouldn’t be any lag issues. After a quick technical pause, the map was reset. Eager to get on with their day, Method NA seized the lead and never let go.

BWNR was clearly tilted as they repeatedly died to bad pulls and positioning. Method NA completed Freehold 30 seconds faster and much cleaner than Fourty K did in their match.

Both sides now developing their strategy as they prepare to go head-to-head later in the evening.

Match 5: Method EU vs Abrakeydabra

Method EU narrowly defeat the final boss of Waycrest Manor before Abrakeydabra

There was a lot of talk about this match in the lead up to it. Method EU mentioned that aside from the NA squad, Abrakeydabra was perhaps the only other team they were preparing for.

These two squads would do battle on Siege of Boralus. The affixes were Tyrannical, Skittish, Necrotic and Reaping. Tyrannical makes bosses hit a lot harder and tougher to kill, meanwhile Skittish makes the monsters harder to tank and sometimes flee to go punch up the healer.

Both teams entered the dungeon as Alliance. Siege changes slightly based on which faction you play. The dungeon leans towards being easier for Horde. However, Alliance racial abilities are considered better when dealing with some of the mentioned affixes.

Abrakeydabra gambled with a big change in their team line-up. Swapping their DPS Monk out for a Mage, the first spellcaster DPS of the tournament so far.

The gamble didn’t pay off for them as the mechanical precision of Method EU was just too fast for them.

But the team composition gamble didn’t end there. For map two, Abrakeydabra moved away from the standard Druid healer and opted for a Mistweaver Monk. A very bold strategy and one that had viewers and the casting team excited.

Both teams performed admirably, with Abrakeydabra leading during boss three, four and going into the final boss with a small lead. Again that clinical playstyle and incredible foresight of Method EU saw them through.

Method EU defeated the final boss, Gorak Tul, while Abrakeydabra had him down to his last 17%. Such a great performance by both teams, as neither team had a single player die. With heads held high, Abrakeydabra heads on down to the lower bracket knowing they made Method EU sweat.

Match 6: Fourty K vs Method NA

What an absolute stomp.

Fourty K never looked like they stood a chance. Only managing to down three bosses over two dungeons. They just never found and rhythm, obvious communication mishaps had them resetting bosses and not timing their big abilities at all.

None of those problems plague Method NA. Finishing Tol Dagor in a slightly slower time than the EU squad. Fourty K never looked like they were in the game. Hopefully, they can rally for their elimination match on day two.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a short stay in Sydney for them.

Method NA opted to enter Siege of Boralus as Horde this time, clearly testing out some strategies they have been practising. It was quite clear all day that the two Method teams were racing each other, playing on similar maps and trying to set a record time.

Whilst they don’t face each other head-to-head until tomorrow, it’s hard to not draw comparisons between the two favourites for the MDI Spring Final. Method NA was only 21 seconds behind the EU team on Siege of Boralus.

I’m keen to see these two giants do battle soon, it feels as if they will face each other in the Grand Final, but for now they will face each other in the Upper Finals.

The winner goes through to the Grand Final, the loser must claw their way through the remaining hopeful teams for another shot at glory.

That concludes Day One results of the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Spring Finals. There are some intense matches coming up. As we move to the lower brackets, teams will be getting eliminated starting tomorrow.

So grab some snacks, get a group of friends over and tune in to Twitch tomorrow from 6 pm AEST for day two of the Mythic Dungeon International Spring Finals.

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