MapleStory 2 Awakening Expansion is now live

The massive MapleStory 2 Awakening Expansion is now live. This update adds a new class, raises the level cap, adds new job ranks, introduces Chaos Raids and Hard Dungeons and unlocks Eye of Lapenta.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff.

Excitingly, unlocking Eye of Lapenta means that Ascendant tier weapons are now available. Get ready for the strongest weapons in the game.

MapleStory 2 Awakening

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The all-new Striker class is a melee focused punching and kicking machine. Adapt at close-quarters fighting, the Striker is available to all MapleStory 2 players who will receive a free character slot in order to try the new class out.

MapleStory 2‘s level cap has been raised from 60 to 70 with Awakening and all players now have the ability to unlock Rank 2 job skills. With players having higher levels, more skills and more abilities than ever before, three new Chais Raids have been added.

For the first time, players will be able to fight Pink Bean and if successful can earn legendary gear sets; Enigma, Behemoth and Dark Vanguard.

Eye of Lapenta is a brand-new area in MapleStory 2 and it includes a new story and questline as well as four new Dungeons. These Dungeons are even more difficult than the Chaos Raids, so players need to be ready before they tackle them.

In the Eye of Lapenta, players will find Lapenshards. These unique gems come in one of three colours and provide new passive and active abilities and skills for players to unlock and level up.

For those players brave enough to complete all four new Dungeons, they’ll earn level 60 Ascendant gear.

By logging in before June 26, all players will receive a Striker Daily Wonder with the character they login with. Those players who login everyday will receive more items including a Canola Bonito ground mount, Floating Lotus air mount, Iron Fist knuckles for the Striker and full Hysteria Outfit skin.

Running now through June 26, players with new characters will earn three levels each time they level up. This is part of the Summer Burning Event which also provides level 60 gear.

MapleStory 2 is available now.

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