Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers – All Jobs have new Job Quests

While in attendance at the Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers preview event in London, I was given an overview of the content coming to the MMO. In addition, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida gave some detailed information regarding content coming to the game.

While we know that Role Quests will play an important role in giving players information about the history of the First, Job Quests make a welcome return.

Especially as Shadowbringers includes two new Jobs; Gunbreaker and Dancer.

Shadowbringers Job Quests

Job Quests will be available for Dancer and Gunbreaker from level 60 through 70 and all Jobs will have one new Job Quest at level 80. These level 80 Job Quests will take place after the main scenario and have been designed to tie very closely with the story.

Shadowbringers Job Quests are designed to give information and lore abou the Jobs, in particular those for the Dancer and Gunbreaker.

For players who enjoy Crafting and Gathering, Shadowbringers will include five sets of new quests. These Crafting and Gathering quests will be split into Disciples of the Land and Disciples of the Hand.

The stories that go along with the Crafting and Gathering quests will be centred on the Crystarium and will be split into the following;

  • Disciples of the Hand
    • Facets of Forging
    • Facets of Crafting
    • Facets of Nourishment
  • Disciples of the Land
    • Facets of Gathering
    • Facets of Fishing

Finally, specialised Class Quests will feature the lore of the Crystarium.

Leo Stevenson travelled to London, UK as a guest of Square Enix. Flights, Meals and Accommodation were provided by Square Enix.

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