Mogul and Alliance broker deal to see the creation of an annual global tournament

Mogul, the online esports tournament platform, and Alliance, one of Europe’s leading esports organisations have come togther thanks to First Point Ventures. The deal, brokered by First Point Ventures, will see Mogul and Alliance work together in establishing an annual global tournament.

This industry-first deal will see Mogul use its esports platform with Alliance promoting tournaments and membership to its 2.2 million fans across social media.

The deal will see Mogul and Alliance share a target of 100,000 monthly subscribers and represents Mogul’s expansion into Europe.

Mogul Alliance Esports

First Point Ventures facilitates partnerships aimed at creating value between those involved in the growing esports industry. First Point Ventures founder Sebastian Quinn-Watson said of the Mogul, Alliance deal;

We have worked across the world engaging with some of the most recognisable brands in Esports, and we are delighted to help take Mogul to Europe, North America and the world.

Mogul has developed a platform with state-of-the-art administration and automation technology that empowers teams, event organisers and brands to run such large-scale events

The Alliance CEO Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg said;

Alliance couldn’t be more excited to be working with Mogul on the planning of a world-class online tournament series and membership offering to support our fan base and grassroots esports across Europe.

Mogul has been busy so far this year and is currently running an Apex Legends tournament with $35,000 prize money.

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