A Plague Tale Innocence Collectibles Guide – Chapter 6

A Plague Tale Innocence is now available. Like most story-driven single player games, A Plague Tale Innocence features a number of collectibles to find during each chapter.

The collectibles you’ll need to look out for are; Gifts, Curiosities and Flowers. We’ve found every collectible in the game so we’ve put together some guides to help you find them all.

Here are all Collectibles for Chapter 6.

A Plague Tale Innocence Collectibles

The very first collectible you can find in Chapter 6 is a little off the beaten path. After following Melie and having her brother distract the first guards, you’ll be inside a tent having to choose a second target for distraction.

After you cause a distraction and sneak through the tent with sleeping guards and empty bottles to be avoided you’ll see Melie turn right. Wait here and turn left instead.

You’ll see a table underneath a tent with a Gift on it. You’ll have to wait a moment for the guard to turn back around and when he does, rush out and grab the Knucklebones.

Quickly turn around and follow Melie.

You’ll then have to make your way through some long grass and across an archery field before you get to the next tent.

After Melie robs the guards and unlocks a chest for you, head outside and stick to the right-hand wall. Carefully make your way along the wall until you reach an opening.

Inside the opening you’ll see some tables and on one in the corner will be a Curiosity.

After collecting this gift continue on with the chapter until you reach Hugo. After you free him from the cage, turn to your left and look towards the large wheel.

To the left of the wheel is a tent. Go towards the tent.

Inside the tent on a table is the next Curiosity.

That’s all for Chapter 6.

In the chapter select screen you can see how many of each type of collectible there is and how many you collected. This makes it easy to see what you’ve missed and makes replaying a breeze.

A Plague Tale Innocence is available now.

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