How Many Chapters Are in A Plague Tale Innocence?

A Plague Tale Innocence is now available for PS4 and Asobo Studio’s game is fantastic.

In my review I wrote;

It’s a masterclass in emotional storytelling and absolutely top-notch in making narrative and gameplay compliment one another.

In A Plague Tale Innocence, players take control of Amicia and Hugo de Rune and take them through a journey over a number of chapters.

The game is split up into a number of different chapters and overall takes about 15-hours to complete.

A Plague Tale Innocence Chapters

By virtue of their names, there are some spoilers in this list, so be warned. The names of the A Plague Tale Innocence chapters don’t give away the plot, but they will give you enough information to make educated guesses.

In A Plague Tale Innocence there are a total of 17 chapters. They are linear and each follows on from the last. You can’t miss any of the chapters and while collectibles are missable, there is a chapter select for you to go back and find anything you’ve missed.

A Plague Tale Innocence Chapters

  1. The de Rune Legacy
  2. The Strangers
  3. Retribution
  4. The Apprentice
  5. The Ravens’ Spoils
  6. Damaged Goods
  7. The Path Before Us
  8. Our Home
  9. In the Shadow of Ramparts
  10. The Way of Roses
  11. Alive
  12. All That Remains
  13. Penance
  14. Blood Ties
  15. Remembrance
  16. Coronation
  17. For Each Other

A Plague Tale Innocence is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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