A Plague Tale Innocence Collectibles Guide – Chapter 3

A Plague Tale Innocence is now available. Like most story-driven single player games, A Plague Tale Innocence features a number of collectibles to find during each chapter.

The collectibles you’ll need to look out for are; Gifts, Curiosities and Flowers. We’ve found every collectible in the game so we’ve put together some guides to help you find them all.

Here are all Collectibles for Chapter 3.

A Plague Tale Innocence Collectibles

The very first collectible you can find in Chapter 3 comes very early on. As you begin the chapter inside the church, head to the far end and take a right.

Keep going down the small alcove and you’ll find the third Gift: Rosary.

From here, you’ll need to climb up the ladder to head outside. A short conversation with a priest will occur and you’ll then need to head down into the courtyard below.

Once you’re down there, Hugo will run over to some flowers near the chopped down tree and logs. This is where you’ll find the first Flower of the game; Carnations.

After collecting the Carnation, head inside and you’ll be in a long hallway with big barrels. Keep going and eventually, you come to a room with a separate room off to the side.

Go into this separate room and you’ll find the fifth Curiosity; Brew.

After the Brew, proceed through Chaptyer 3 until you reach the large, rat infested room where you rejoin Hugo.

Light the bonfires and use the torches to make your way across to the far side of the room. There you’ll see a ladder.

Climb the ladder and in front of you to your left you’ll find the sixth Curiosity; Crusader Tabard.

That’s all for Chapter 3.

In the chapter select screen you can see how many of each type of collectible there is and how many you collected. This makes it easy to see what you’ve missed and makes replaying a breeze.

A Plague Tale Innocence is available now.

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