Audeze launches world-first cinematic 3D audio gaming headset

Audeze has partnered with audio distributor BusiSoft AV to release the Mobius headset in Australia.

Mobius is the world’s first 3D audio gaming headset designed specifically for gaming.

Audeze believes that “audio quality should never be compromised for the sake of utility.” As such, Audeze’s Mobius features unrivalled quality, clarity and detail.

Audeze Mobius

The Mobius gives users full 3D emulation and support for surround sound modes. It also includes “fully integrated 3D head-tracking” designed to work with most games.

In addition, the “room emulation technology and anatomy calibration” makes Mobius fully optimised for the best audio possible.

The headset has been designed to take advantage of the way the human brain processes sound. In doing so, the Audeze Mobius will let players hear someone sneaking up on them in-game as if they were really there.

It’s not just the sound quality that’s been designed for the highest possible quality. The headsets themselves are “lightweight” and “ergonomic” to be worn for as long as possible without discomfort.

Replaceable memory foam ear cup pads and an adjustable memory foam headband mean that the Mobius stays comfy for as long as you want to play. It also comes with an extendable mic with its own volume control.

Audeze calls Mobius;

the world’s most innovative gaming headphone. It is a truly immersive, mixed media platform. 

With fully-integrated surround sound functionality, users can immerse themselves into their favourite movies to a degree that will rival even the experience of being inside a theatre.  

The headset is available from JB Hi-Fi and Addicted to Audio for $599 AUD.

Tech Specs

  • Planar magnetic audio quality
  • 3D Audio (7.1, 5.1, 5.0, 2.1, 2.0) + Ambisonics Support
  • Integrated low latency head tracking
  • 3D sound localization
  • Room emulation
  • Anatomy calibration
  • Bluetooth enabled (AAC, LDAC)
  • USB-C, USB-A and 3.5mm analog
  • 10+ Hours of battery life
  • Available in three finishes: Copper; Blue; Black

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