IEM Sydney 2019 Continues Australia and UK’s Long-Time Cricketing Rivalry

IEM Sydney 2019 will host the third annual Cache match this Sunday, 05 May 2019. 

The Caches is a crowd-pleasing show match inspired by Australia and the UK’s long-time cricketing rivalry. Only here, the players trade in cricket bats and shinguards for pistols and knives. 

Battle for National Glory

The Caches show matches began during the first IEM Sydney back in 2017.

Designed as a spectacle event ahead of the Grand Final, the Caches has transformed into something with as much importance as the main event itself.

Two teams comprising of current and veteran GS:GO players from Australia and the UK come together to battle for glory in a one-map round. The first team to 16 wins, securing themselves bragging rights for the next year.

More than that, the losing team must also endure a ‘forfeit’; an embarrassing public display that adds insult to injury.

Following Team UK’s IEM Sydney 2017 loss to Team Australia 16-6, UK captain, Henry “HenryG” Greer was dropped into a pool loaded with whipped cream and cakes. 

National Pride on the Line

Team UK endured a second forfeit defeat during IEM Sydney 2018, making Team Australia the reigning champion two years running.

As both teams head into IEM Sydney 2019, will Team Australia manage their third straight win, or can Team UK move to block them and secure their first victory?

You can tune for the IEM Sydney 2019 Caches show match this Sunday, 05 May 2019 at 1:15 pm (AEST) on the official stream or on Twitch.

Jayden Williams travelled to Sydney, Australia as a guest of Acer. All accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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