In Borderlands 3 NPC allies can revive you during combat

During the gameplay reveal for Borderlands 3 it was announced that solo players would no longer only have ‘Fight for your Life’ as an option to get back into the fight. Allied Borderlands 3 NPC characters are now able to revive players and do so with surprising regularity and effectiveness.

This means that if you play alone, you’ll still have the benefit of your team reviving you instead of relying solely on the New-U stations or Fight for your Life.

During my hands-on session, I was downed on more than one occasion while playing as both Zane and Amara. Thankfully I had new character Lorelei and Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter Zero with me at different times. 

Borderlands 3 NPC Allies

These two Borderlands 3 NPC allies made sure I was revived and back in the fight as often as possible. It’s a great feeling to be playing alone and see the “Being Revived By Ally!” notification. 

I’m a solo player and so this is a great new feature for people like me who don’t usually play co-op. It makes the solo experience feel closer to a co-op one while players are still able to play by themselves.

Obviously, being revived by an NPC can still happen while playing co-op, so if you’re playing with friends and an NPC ally, you’ll just have even more chance of being revived.

Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13. 

Leo Stevenson attended the Borderlands 3 gameplay event in Los Angeles, California as a guest of 2K. Flights, accommodation and meals were provided by 2K.

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