Fast Travel now available in Heaven’s Vault

Heaven’s Vault was released for PC and PS4 last week and was met with critical acclaim. However, one complaint about the game (including in our review) was that travelling between locations was slow and unwieldy.

Thankfully, developer inkle has been listening to players and has announced a new and updated fast travel system.

Fast travel is now live in both the PC and PS4 versions and lets players give control over to Six instead of sailing the ship themselves.

Heaven’s Vault Fast Travel

In our review of Heaven’s Vault we wrote of the sailing sections as follows;

A lot of game time is spent sailing between moons on mystical ‘rivers’ and this is not much chop. It’s slow and boring and really pretty pointless. You are able to discover some lost artifacts out there in space, but really, it’s just a time sink that I could have done without. 

Now, instead of having to sail at all times, provided that players have sailed along a river once, they can pass control of the ship to Six. He will give control back to the player if you reach uncharted waters. 

Players are still able to sail should they choose and it’s a great initiative by inkle to add this much-wanted feature. 

In our review of Heaven’s Vault we wrote;

Minor issues aside, the gameplay is just sublime. I never would have thought that I’d enjoy an archeological/language adventure game so much. Heaven’s Vault is a stunning achievement in interactive narratives and is an absolute must play. 

Heaven’s Vault is available now on PC and PS4.

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