Destiny 2 Revelry Guide – Get the most out of the Easter Event

PowerUp! has been fortunate enough to receive a great guide to Destiny 2’s Revelry Event from a reader. Thanks to Luke Morgan who sent this guide through to us.

According to Morgan;

The article covers what the event is, how to do it in the easiest and most efficient way and what you can earn in regards to weapons and armour from participating in the event.

So let’s get into Destiny 2’s Revelry Event and how you can get the most out of it.

Starting The Revelry

Another holiday means another event in the world of Destiny.

This time, the Tower and all of its Guardians are celebrating The Revelry. This a time when everybody takes a moment to find joy in the current dark time.

To start the Revelry Event all you have to do is find the lovable grannie of all Guardians, Eva Levante. She’ll be in the same spot she stood in during the Christmas Event — The Dawning — just to the left of Ikora.

When you meet Eva she will give you a speech about celebrating the happiness and joy with your fellow guardians. If you don’t listen to it all and smile at the end of it then I’m sure you’re a Dredgen.

The Reveler’s Tonic

After speaking to Eva you will be given the option to purchase one of three ‘Tonic’ that each gives you a different perk.

These effects can be used during the Revelry and currently, can be used elsewhere in the game too. The effects of these three tonics are

  • granting you a faster cooldown for your melee
  • granting you a faster cooldown grenade, and your
  • granting you a faster coolfown for your class abilities

You can purchase Tonics for the Price of 50 Revelry tokens each. To use these perks you will have to enter your inventory and use the item. In doing so you will be given one hour of your chosen perk

Just a heads up, the grenade buff is by far the best one to use.

Back to The Infinite Forest

The entire basis of this event involves players heading back to the Infinite Forest just like the event during The Harrowing.

This time, however, the Infinite Forest is a lot brighter and less spooky. It’s also a lot easier. This time the Infinite Forest is a breeze to fight through because its Power Level requirement is 200. If you’re 700, like most players, the event is just time-consuming.

Each section of the Forest you beat will grant you bonus time to and the time you earn to face the five bosses after your party has wiped or the timer runs out. So far, the max floor that I have managed to get to is 82.

It turns out that you don’t need to get that far at all. You genuinely do not need more than five minutes to defeat the five bosses. If you have a high-power fireteam I would recommend having your team wipe once you’ve hit the 50th branch so that you can spawn at the bosses.

They’re not difficult to kill, and honestly, you’ll just be wasting your time going further than the 50th branch, unless you want to see how far you can get.

In terms of fighting tips and tricks, I would say that having a hunter with Orpheus Rigs helps you an insane amount as the enemies are always grouped up and you can dispatch them within a matter of seconds. The time you gain equals to the time you’ve spent shooting aliens.

When you finally find yourself fighting the bosses, the standard tactics apply; fire every bullet you have into them and spam your super while you’re at it.

You know, the Destiny way.

The Revelry’s Loot

With the new activity comes new loot for every player to claim, but there isn’t much of it this time.

This year’s Revelry gives players access to two new armour sets that fit within the Revelry’s theme. One of the two armour sets is a reskin of the Playstation’s exclusive year 1 armour that has made its way to both PC and Xbox One before but without perks, it was pretty much useless.

Granted these sets of armour gives us a chance to use the reskinned version but players are still annoyed that the genuinely new armour sets that were made for the Revelry are locked behind the Eververse store.

Something that has happened every season of the game.

The two sets do give a bonus to the Tonics that you can use. It will give the armour some extra use and a reason to switch up your Destiny fashion for a bit.

So definitely equip them when you get the chance. You’ll also be able to complete a Triumph and some challenges with at least four pieces of Revelry armour equipped; something that is needed to earn the Exotic weapon.

A New Exotic

Despite a lack of loot for players in this event, Bungie has given everybody a chance to earn a pretty cool Exotic called Arbalest; a Linear Fusion Rifle.

However, you can only purchase this weapon once you have completed the ‘Party Hard Triumph’ which requires you to complete seven Triumphs from the Revelry section.

Most of the Triumphs can be completed rather easily by simply playing through the Infinite Forest multiple times.

The Triumphs are;

  • Spring Cleaning: Clear 50 Verdant Forest Branches.
  • Verdant Light (Events): Generate 200 Orbs of Light in the Verdant Forest or any Black Armory Forge (If you’re a hunter, again, use Orpheus Rigs! It helps everyone!)
  • Spring Hunt: Defeat at least three bosses in a single run of the Verdant Forest
  • Super Celebratory: Defeat 150 enemies with Supers
  • Budding Fashion: Defeat 20 bosses while wearing at least four pieces of Revelry armour.
  • Verdant Light (Cooperative): Generate 200 Orbs of Light in Strikes or Raids
  • Verdant Light (Competitive): Generate 200 Orbs of Light in Gambit or Crucible.
  • Fireworks!: Get 100 grenade kills in Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes
  • Melee Mayhem: Get 100 melee kills in Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes.
  • A Bountiful Spring: Complete 50 daily and weekly bounties for Eva

The End Date

The Revelry began on Tuesday, April 16 and it will end on Tuesday, May 7.

You’ll have three weeks to collect those two sets of armour and three weeks to get those triumphs completed so that you can add another Exotic weapon to your collection.

Good luck and happy hunting Guardians!

Big thanks to Luke Morgan for his guide and submission to PowerUp!

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