Supercars, iRacing and Gfinity have partnered for the Supercars Eseries 2019

At a special event today, Supercards has announced its exclusive partnership with Gfinity Australia. This partnership will see the virtual Virgin Australia Supercars Championship elevated to a whole new level of esports event in 2019.

This year marks the second Supercars Eseries and, in conjunction with iRacing, Gfinity and Supercars will be bringing the series to more fans than ever before. iRacing is the world’s leading online racing sim service and will serve as the platform for the Supercars Eseries 2019.

The Supercars Eseries 2019 will be broadcast live on Supercars’ Eseries website and on Twitch.

Supercars Eseries 2019

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In the 2019 competition, 12 teams will compete for the championship. Amongst the teams are official Supercars racing teams. One such team is the Boost Mobile Racing team which is the first Supercars team to enter.

Players who are looking to take part in the Eseries can try their hand at the Gfinity Eseries open qualifiers. If they show that they have skills they may be selected by one of the teams and represent them in the competition. 

According to iRacing, there are thousands of registered users in Australia which said mean there is a huge and talented pool of players to draw from.

Supercars CEO Sean Seamer said;

This is a great opportunity to embrace and engage the growing Supercars fan base and esports community.

The partnership with Gfinity will help engage a new generation of fans and offer a pathway for sim drivers to showcase their skills in our cars against our best teams and drivers.

The format for this year’s event will see twelve teams — each with “an elite sim driver” — race in eight rounds. These rounds will commence in August 2019 and run through until the end of the 2019 Supercars Championship season. 

Gfinity’s Open Qualifiers open in July and individual team nominations will be detailed on Supercars’ Eseries website.

Gfinity Australia CEO Dominic Redmond said;

Racing titles are exciting and easy to comprehend, with a significant crossover into real world motorsport. It’s a unique opportunity for brands to engage both the massive existing audience in Supercars and rapidly growing esports community.

Stay tuned for more info on the Supercars Eseries 2019 and its partnership with Gfinity Australia.

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