Overwatch is free for a week and onsale until the end of April

Alongside today’s launch of Overwatch Archives Storm Rising Blizzard has announced a free trial period and massive discounts for Overwatch

From today through April 24, PC, PS4 and Xbox One players can download and play Overwatch free. Those who download the free trial will have access to all 30 of Overwatch’s heroes, all maps, modes and loot.

Xbox One players will need a current Gold subscription but PlayStation 4 players won’t need PS Plus. 

While playing the free trial, any loot boxes and cosmetics earned can be kept provided the user purchases Overwatch on the same Blizzard or console account.

Overwatch Free Trial and Sale

In addition to the trial, Blizzard is having a sale on Overwatch. On PC the discounts are;

  • From 49% off Legendary Edition
  • From 25% off Standard Edition
  • From 74% off Digital Upgrade (from Standard Edition)

On PS4, the Legendary Edition is reduced by 67% and is on sale for $32.95 AUD. On Xbox One, the same discount is available. To take advantage of the discount on Xbox One, you’ll need to have a current Gold subscription.

The sale ends on April 29 at 5 pm AEST.

Overwatch Archives Storm Rising is live now and ends on May 7.

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